One more thing !

Why say so many words !!

బహునాత్ర కిం ఉక్తేన
సంక్షేపాత్ ఇదం ఉచ్యతే |
సంకల్పనం పరో బన్ధః
తద్ అభావో విముక్తతా||
बहुनात्र किं उक्तेन
संक्षेपात् इदं उच्यते ।
संकल्पनं परो बन्धः
तद् अभावो विमुक्तता॥

“Why say so many words?  Imagination is the bondage. Without that you are free!”

This is a line that comes at the end of may be one hundred thousand Slokas of intense philosophical discussion in “Yoga Vasishta".

Yoga Vasishta is a dialog between a dejected Rama and Sage Vasishta. While entire Yoga Vasishta is readable and illuminating , for lesser souls even the first Chapter and the last Chapter give an appetizer kind of feeling.

This line comes at the very end , the Sloka itself states that “Why say so many words !!”

An equivalent line from Uddhava Gita is:

అశాహి పరమం దుఃఖం
నైరాశ్యం పరమం సుఖమ్ |
अशाहि परमं दुःखं
नैराश्यं परमं सुखम् ।

"Expectation is the cause of sorrow, not having expectation is happiness!"

Read in the context they are unexceptionable statements. They are such simple statements that one would wonder is that a big deal , do I need to be told about !!

It is.

Because while we may know it , we will not think of it deeply enough . If we think deeply enough we may reach our own panacea exactly as indicated by Krishna in his statement to Uddhava . That statement is that a man by his own efforts may reach the panacea !

Let us go back to the “expectation”!!.

This expectation is a daily affair .

You go for a marriage, of course as guests. You do not get the attention from people who you thought would pay the attention. You feel miserable . But if there were no expectations you would feel free.

Between friends it happens . The failure of expectation leads to so many avoidable events.

It happens in the office - you are doing your work there is the issue of expectations in multiple dimensions. If expectations can be set aside and you proceed with work probably you will have undeniable peace.

This is not to say that problems would disappear. They have to be tackled. But peace reigns in your mind. Your mind is not cluttered with anger of failure of expectations.

We will go back to the statement about “Imagination” in another issue !!

||om tat sat ||