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The Story of Ganesh Chaturthi !!

The story of Ganesh chaturthi..


Vinayaka Chaturthi is the day on which most of us get to hear the story that should be heard so that we do not get impacted by the Parvati Devi's curse on the seeing Moon on 'that' day.

The Story is interesting on many counts.

First it starts with the story of Gajasura Samharam. Gajasura gets a boon from Lord Shiva that Shiva will stay in Gajasura's womb. With Shiva not being seen, Parvati goes to Lord Vishnu to save Lord Shiva like he did before (as in the case of Bhasmasura). Vishnu realizes that Shiva is in the womb of Gajasura. So, he goes there with a retinue of Gods in different forms and the Shiva's Nandi. The expedition results in Gajasura seeing the light. So, Lord Shiva gets freed. Thereafter Lord Shiva himself praises Lord Vishnu. Vishnu has the parting word of advice to Lord Shiva namely not to entertain "Dushtaas", the ones who have crooked thoughts!!

That itself is a good point.

Shiva could not say no to "Dushta" because of Love for a Bhakta. While we are not like a Shiva - sometimes we too may not be able to say no to a Dushta because of our love for "the Goddess of wealth" who has no compunctions.

We come across situations where we are unable to say no to - not a Bhakta but to an opportunity!!

So many times, we come across a situation of being on the side of a wrong person and it seems worthwhile because at that moment it may seem like a winning point; It can also be a case where we may happen to be on the side an argument which sounds so convenient which we also know firmly to be wrong!

In both cases the point is clear.

It is wiser to stay away from a "Dushta" than fall for a short-term convenience.

There is one more thing in the story that is the challenge set for Ganesha and Kumaraswamy.

In the Battle of Ganesha versus Kumaraswamy about who gets the Lordship of Obstacles, the challenge prescribed was without question impossible for Ganesha.

The challenge virtually pitted a mouse against a peacock. Ganesha was at a loss. But he does not give up. He wins by asking Lord Shiva himself what is the solution. Lord Shiva teaches him the" Narayana Mantra", reciting which has the effect of having bathed in all the rivers in the three worlds thus completing the task prescribed for the challenge. The result is that Kumaraswamy sees Ganesha ahead at every place he visits in the three worlds, though Ganesha was right there at the start going around his parents.

Everyone will have their own take, but one point of the story is certain- 'do not give up on any task as impossible – like Ganesha find a way!"

||om tat Sat||