One more thing ! ( continued )

Why so many words !!( Part 2) !!

“Why say so many words?

Imagination is the bondage. Without that you are free!”

So we will go back to the statement about “Imagination”!!

This summary line “why say so many words? Imagination is the bondage. Without that you are free!” comes at the very end of Yoga Vasishta, a dialog between Rama and sage Vasistha. Yoga Vasistha starts with a query from Rama as to why there is so much sorrow. Vasistha elaborates with help of several parables why sorrow exists. But ends it all by saying cause of all such sorrow is nothing but "imagination'

This problem of imagination happens all the time in varying degrees.

Let us say we are talking to a person he does not respond immediately.

That could be because he is preoccupied or otherwise . But unobtrusively our imagination takes over. He is not responding because he does not care .

It does not remain at that . The imagination continues to decide how we would rectify this. It goes to the extent of deciding to whom we may complain!!! That could be the person's boss or parent or what ever. The imagination leads one to a conclusion. “ I must teach that person a lesson ”.

The degree of unhappiness or misery one feels at that moment is unimaginable .

This happens many times.

The mental peace one achieves depends on how one handles the imagination part. The person could be your child son or daughter or their spouses. Or it could be an event that happened that made you imagine impossible things. The intensity of the misery one feels is directly proportional to the closeness of the relationship or the seriousness of the event. Dearer the relationship or the more severe the adversity that much more intensified is the misery or unhappiness.

If a little later that person comes back to you on the issue you raised, the lesson would be apparent. It would be apparent that you worked yourself into a pitch that was unnecessary. If it is an event resulting in damage, it is on recovery you see the futility of all that you imagined. And all of that imagination was a truly wasted effort causing only unhappiness.

The peace one achieves after such realization is the real peace

But the bigger misery is the events at the work place which get mulled over and over and creating a tension all round.

Best part would be when we realize the futility of such imagined unhappiness !!

Yes ! “Imagination is the Bondage, without that you are free”

How True!!

om tat sat !