One more thing !

Peace does not fall from the sky !!


“ Peace does not drop from the sky” says Dalai Lama.

In a chat with journalists during his recent trip to Canada Dalai Lama said in a response ,“ Peace does not drop from the sky!” Then he lets go his trademark giggly laugh , making that statement sound simple, down to earth and a matter of fact !

For a cynical world grown apathetic to hearing solemn or profound statements delivered even more solemnly, Dalai Lama is a godsend. He would make profound statements sound so utterly down to earth or simple ! Stripped off the veneer of profoundness they are more palatable.

Of course “Peace does not drop down from the sky”!.

Yes, one needs to work for it .

In normal business processes or technical world it is true that “ Solution does not drop down from sky”. One is forced look for solutions and work for solutions. . And the innovative ones “find solutions”. That of course is normal . An approach that is so normal in business and technical world seems sounds so unreal in the conflict ridden day to day life .

Some times we are hit by an event that throws us off our comfortable perch, we get stunned into an immovable posture without realizing that "solution does not drop down from the sky “.

We may be so stunned into inaction, that we may not even realize the consequences of our inaction. An inaction may result in “peace passing us by !”.

While this kind of thing happens , very few people recognize the event of " peace passing us by ".

A Wise man would be the one who recognizes the past and moves on with the knowledge that he is ready for peace if such a thing ever happens.

Then of course nothing falls from the sky .

Same thing is true when you paint yourself into a corner. It happens between friends. It happens between siblings. It happens in your office .If you push yourself into a corner ,you have to work yourself out of it . Not hope some body else may bail you out

Basics are the best bet in all such cases.

Do what is required . Not worry about the result whether it is noticed or not!!

om tat sat !!