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Sanskrit words and meanings ..Sivoham !!

Sanskrit words and meanings !!

We had earlier an article on Sanskrit words and elaborations

The purpose was to elaborate on some of the Vedic words and ways of arriving at meanings

The classic example is that of

tat tvam asi !

You are that Brahman!!

Recently we had an article titled

Sivoham Sivoham

Sachidananda Svarupoham

Some body asked what is the literal meaning of Sivoham !

That did put us in a spin !

When a word has thirty meanings one would have to think hard as to which one qualifies as the literal meaning . So even the literal meaning has a contextual side to it . One meaning of Siva is - the Lord Siva we most commonly refer to . But there is a meaning of Siva as a 'Fox' ; . So Sivoham could literally refer to one being a "Siva" or " Fox" !!.

Siva also refers to

" final emancipation"

or "a class of Brahmans who attained perfection"

So in the context of Sachidananda svarupoham - the word Sivoham gives the meaning of " I am that Brahman who attained perfection " or that I am that Brahman -

So we elaborated

"Sivoham Sivoham... Sachidananda svarupoham"

as "I am the form of that Brahman I am the form of that bliss !"

Some times we keep repeating ourselves and it may sound like we repeat ourselves to reassert our own thoughts !!

So we read our elaboration on Sanskrit words and its meanings ; which was in the context of Sankaracharya's "manisha panchakam"

This is like that !!

Om Tat Sat !!