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Hanuman and Ravana

Sub-text of Ramayana

- the other stories !!

There are some interesting sub- texts when we go through Hanuman's advice to Ravana

That is about the anti-hero Ravana. He is in the traditional sense the villain of the piece.

Hanuman recounts the fact that Ravana performed severe penance and acquired merits ( punya!!) . All of which he is bent on frittering away. While advising Ravana not to fritter away the merits ( punya) Hanuman acknowledges the other part of Ravana.

Again in the assembly where Hanuman was brought by Indrajit we have Ravana looking at Hanuman and wondering. Ravana wonders if Hanuman is in reality the Nandi of Lord Siva who cursed him !! That is a reference to the curse of Nandi when Ravana attempted to move mount Kailas with Lord Siva !!. Thus through Ravana's thoughts the poet ( Valmiki) touched on the other stories about Ravana.

These are at least a half a dozen instances where in the sub-text of Ravana's greatness comes through such as when Hanuman says " but for that act ..he would have been ... a Lord of Suaraloka itself !!.

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