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The musings on a Festival day !!

Musings on a festival day !!

Musings on a festival day !!

Dussera or the Navarathri bring back lots of memories, many of which will bring a smile !!
These are also the things I would happily tell my grandchildren.

The earliest remembrance sends you to those delightful innocent days of the elementary school, when we would all be a "Rama" or "Hanuman" or what ever "God" you wanted to be. More fun was going about with a bow and arrows squirting colorful powders (gulal?) on friends or facing them in return. Those were also the days on which the class teacher visited the homes with groups of children in tow and the children would make a show of their prowess in singing ! The teacher in turn was getting rewarded by parents. There was a happy song to hum on those days capturing that spirit.

It is also an occasion when the school going girls in the families get a chance to artfully display all colorful toys and artifacts they ever collected.
That would also be the occasion when the proud mothers go about in their fineries inviting other mothers.

Every where it was also a time for new clothes and sweets.
It did not matter if you are rich or poor.
And our parents used to make it look so natural and it is always a happy occasion

For some these were the last holidays days after which you started the preparation for the "final big exams" due in March next year !
Unbelievable?!.But that was true in our case where we were made to believe that 'education and exams' are the only things that mattered !!
From a safe distance now, I can only laugh at those thoughts, though the end results did benefit us.

For some people those are the days on which one would start a new job !
If you were already in a job, you may also remember these days for the new projects started.
If you are a Bangalorean a visit to Mysore is a must.
And in any case Bangalore and "Ayudha puja" are inseparable !

It is also the period during which some body would have started the construction of a house !!
For several people Vijaya dasami would be the day on which you did 'Grihapravesam' or entered a new house !!
That was so true for us in any case !!

These were also the days on which many a big project was launched silently !
There were others who who made it an occasion for pompous beginning.
Even today the number of companies registered during these ten days would be far more than any other week in the whole year !

As we grew these are the days on which you pleased the loved ones !
Theses were also the days on which you pleased elders.

These were also the days on which you made up with friends from you may have strayed !!

I can still remember the occasions when the wiser one among us initiated that small dialog.
A dialog that buried a hated heated argument.
And instantly forgotten are those fights we have had !
If you wonder who was wiser,
I can assure you that neither had a lock on that !! .
The one who made that small beginning to make the other one smile was the wiser one!

Yes, If I were telling my grandchildren in US, I will tell them this was our Halloween with costumes, bows and arrows

Happy Dussera !!

||om tat sat||