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February 22nd , 2013

Welcome to Kasarabada.org

This week Ramayan Sundarakanda moves to the 33rd Chapter, Over the last ten weeks the site has been updated with a stark irregularity !! Nevertheless we covered Sundarakanda Chapter 23, Chapter 24 , Chapter 25 , Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 28 Chapter 29, Chapter 30 , Chapter 31 and Chapter 32 in those ten weeks .

This week Athato continues with Kathopanishad 2nd Adhyaya Part 3 or valli 6 We had started the Kathopanishad because it is exciting. It is a dialog on death. Also it is Yama himself teaching !! . We also started with the thought we will stick to the old form of going chapter by chapter or in this case Valli by Valli. There are six Vallis and that would have been normally completed in six installments.In fact we covered Nachiketa's boon in Valli 1, Yama's teaching on good and pleasant as well as the word “om” in Valli 2, Knowledge of Atman in Valli2 (Sloka 21-25) and Valli 3 (Sloka 1-9). Valli 4 went through again nature of Self leading to perception and attainment of Unity. Valli 5 covered more of the nature of inner soul.

As we moved from Valli three to five, the topics moved back and forth with a different emphasis. In fact it becomes clearer that it is not a story that sticks to a progression in the sequence of Valli. It sticks to a progression in the process of thinking and elaborating on complex concepts. When understood the complexity may look simple nevertheless it is complex for the uninitiated. Several Slokas individually or in a subgroup have their own story (about Om, Self as master of the Chariot etc) which is needed to be elaborated. That is when we added some more notes " good vs pleasant " , "Blind leading Blind" from Kathopanishad

All this elaboration is to say we are not covering Valli 6 as a single entity. We are covering the first nine Slokas as they provide a cohesive thought framework on the nature of Brahman. The later part of Valli six covers aspects of Yoga which will be presented later as the final installment of Kathopanishad

The one more thing has some new notes on Kathopanishad

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What is on the kasarabada.org?

For the new visitors we thought of adding a few lines on navigation , so that they may know what is available on Kasarabada.org !

We now have 89 chapters of Dasama Skandha of Bhagavatam. All these chapters (stories on Krishna) are listed by name and are available on a link on the Bhagavatam page.

We have now 33 chapters of Sundarakanda and also complete bouquet of articles on Ramayana. These articles include "Role models from Ramayana" namely Srirama , Sita , Hanuman , Jataayu , Sabari , Bharata , Lakshmana. Apart from these there were some special articles namely The Message of Ramayana , Going to the Forests and about Hanuman in "In the thick of the Battle " . Along the same lines are the earlier articles in praise of Hunuman 1 , Hanuman 2 and Valmiki Sundarakanda . Added to this bouquet is the Sundarakanda as a Telugu poem by Pandit Vijayraghavrao. We have also added some downloads specifically for the Sankshipta Sundarakanda ( with Sanskrit slokas) reproduced in different language scripts namely Sanskrit , Telugu , Kannada and Malayalam . There is also a Telugu Sundarakanda Katha for those interested in reading the same as a prose story !!,.

One more thing is a page where we get articles which could be on anything , informative and educative handled with a light heart and a touch of contemporary realities. The page lists all the earlier stories on its page

The last new column is Athato Brahma Jignyasaa . This page is focused on Indian Philosophy /Darsanas. This has been started a few months ago and all its earlier issues are listed on its page

In effect to have a look at what is available from the earlier issues you only need to visit the four pages of Ramayanam , Bhagavatam , one more thing. and Athato Brahma Jignyasaa. Each page of these banner pages carry the list of all earlier articles .

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