One more thing ! ......

It is exciting !

It is exciting !!.

Having been a Bangalorean exposed to quite a bit of media coverage of school scams, exposes and the unfathomable presence of predators in some schools making it appear like they are everywhere , our visit to a school in Bangalore was entirely refreshing.

We went to a small upper primary school in Krishnaraja Puram in Bangalore. It is a Government school. Being used to 'high School' etc the very nomenclature of 'primary school', almost tends to make one think of it in the first instance as 'small primary school'. When we looked into the numbers with more than three hundred students, it is not a small school.

Considering that our walk was an impromptu walk into the class rooms, courtesy of the headmaster and a teacher, it is more revealing. All the students seem to be alert and interested. Clearly there were students with bright and confident look in their eyes. When they sang a song it was with resounding verve. The copy writing they go through seem to be good, with clear focus on good old habits of hand writing and work ethic. They seem to be disciplined with no chit chat on the side when the teacher was addressing! The teachers were all qualified except that they are too few numbering only seven or eight for such large population of students !

The Govt School did not conform to the popular presentation of Govt institutions as lethargic and inefficient with absentee teachers or missing headmaster !

The second Govt school visited is similar in all respects.

It seems like the govt schools are for poorer sections who cannot afford the hyped up fee structures of private entrepreneurs. But students are not poor in their enthusiasm or spirit.

When we came back home we could not stop talking about it or thinking about it. My wife who never knew much of Kannada was excited enough to think that she should learn Kannada to be of more help!!

It is certainly very exciting

The schools can certainly do with more help than the little support we planned to provide to the school library in the form of books and related infrastructure. That includes making the school environment more clean and green. If there are any clean and green enthusiasts we can readily join hands !! It can be about any other thing for the schools too !

||om tat sat||