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The Leader and the led- a few thoughts !

Leading involves a dialog, and the best leaders are those who communicated their vision and carried the teams that were convinced.

Communication in the true sense of the word is not a one way street. It is a dialog. When a dialog happens the people involved have to be on the same plane. They may belong to different strata , but for that moment of dialog they are to be on the same plane.

A dialog between friends is a two way process. Earliest classical dialogs are like that of Krishna and Arjun or Krishna and Uddhava.

While Krishna was giving his discourse , it is not as though Uddhava was too overawed to react. At a number of points we see him asking questions.

The special nature of dialog between Krishna and Arjun or Krishna and Uddhava is that both Arjun and Uddhava are his close friends. That relationship allowed them to interrupt and ask questions.

This relationship also defines a model for the leader and the led.

In the modern day scenario, the leader making a point would not like to be interrupted lest his flow be affected ! Even if the other one was to join the discussion, the willingness to hear the any other borders on the edges !!

Unlike the current leaders Krishna demonstrated a unique patience and went on to convince his follower. He did not say take it or leave it. Nor did he have a contempt for their "ignorance".

It is also clear that if there is an element of "friendship" between the leader and the led there is a possibility of a dialog. But if the leader and led remain in their stations, unwilling to bear the other, it will be a one way track !

Decades ago I had a boss who was also a friend and colleague before becoming my boss. Both of us came from different streams of service which had a congruence and he became my boss. Because of our earlier relationship we had honest and free exchange of ideas and discussions. That also meant violent discussions and disagreements. Some days used to be so bad that I would not go to him next day unless called for! But we would make up and move on also. Subsequently our streams demerged and he went his way and I went my way. Later we used to look back and laugh about it. And we remained good friends!!.

If I were to transpose the current leader and led relationships , the kind of discussions we had would have meant certain end to the one who was "led". No questions asked !! Today's leader is one who brooks no resistance and the led are those who are led by their nose !

The dialogs of Krishna and Uddhava provide a model for the leader and led . The leader who had the patience to explain and the led who had the courage to ask questions !!

The true leader is one who leads by convincing than by the decibels of his voice.

||om tat sat ||


om tat sat !!

om tat sat !!

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