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"Yogah karmasu kausalam !! "

Yogah karmasu kausalam !!

Krishna tried to simplify complex rituals and issues so that common people can participate in the same.

Some of things he simplified are Yagnya and Tapas. Both the words evoke complicated processes and material requirements in one case and severe as well as difficult penance in the other . Krishna redefined many Yagnyas so that these are within the reach of common people.

Another important word he redefined is Yoga.

We are sure that in the times gone by these words caused confusion and they needed to be clarified .

Through Krishna we have a better understanding of what they are.

Today probably Yoga is being celebrated all over as though it is mostly related to physical exercise. From the vast ancient literature , Yoga is more complex with definition of Ashtanga Yoga etc. That literature is indeed is vast.

But Krishna was going for simplification. So he went farther. He said - Yogah karmasu Kausalam .

Literally it means Yoga is skill in karma.

What ever be the activity ( karma) we participate in , skill in that or performing that Karma with skill is "Yoga".

We take it literally to mean that we do not have to be on Rajpath with Yoga mat ! But do what ever you are doing with the skill that is needed to perform that.

That you can do in your office or at Home. This would probably be fetching much more productivity needed , though not the photo ops !

Incidentally in defining Yagnya and Tapas also he said doing Karma is tapas . Doing Karma is Yagnya too. We will see that separately.

Krishna is man of action , and that is what is needed !!

om tat sat !