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Bhogaraju Ramarao garu

"A Patriarch passed away"

A Patriarch Passed away;

Bhogaraju Ramarao garu is a patriarch in the true sense of the word. As the chief of the family and the chief of the extended family, he touched the life of many in the family circles as well as outside. His was a positive encouraging force.

First time we met itself it was clear. He is a man with a presence. A massive frame, with a smile on the lips and twinkle in the eye. It is a presence that inspired instant respect.

It became a pattern to meet him and greet him on important occasions. Every time we met the respect only grew. Every time we met we knew a little more. I would always ask him whether he is still going to factory and his answer in the affirmative would always make my respect to grow more. At that time I was also working with another person of the same age, but an antithesis of a Patriarch who was also going to factory because he was still a vital cog and he "has to" to keep the system in place. In Ramarao garu - I saw a person who happily and gracefully divested his responsibilities and now was going to a factory happily working probably with Grand children ! He does not have to go to factory , yet he goes because he is more of a Karma Yogi. When ever I stepped off their house after meeting him I used to say to myself that here is the definition of " happiness" !

A great sign of a Patriarch is the stable and large family he left behind as well as the ease with which he moved away from daily grind, yet lighting up all events with his mere presence.

Many have been helped by his touch and many would feel the loss very dearly.

We share the grief of the family and all others

May his soul rest in peace.

||om tat sat ||