One more thing ! ......

A Passing away !

|| om tat sat ||

This is about my brother who passed away.

That is about Rajeswararao , a brother who is not too far away from me age wise. It gives one a jolt. Making one wonder if time is passing away too rapidly. Or wondering may be the call came too early .

It seemed to me as though it was hardly few years ago that I spent couple of months with him and Chinna Annayya, happily enjoying Prabhavati vodina’s cooking in the Musheerabad first floor apartment near Charminar Chaurasta.

Even at that time it was a wonder to me to see him speaking very confidently telling something to his mom and dad or my Chinnaamma and Chinna Babayya garu. Seeing people speaking so confidently was wonder to me in those days.

At that point in time, though I did complete my engineering degree etc,. I still did not have the ability of talking very authoritatively on any thing to anybody let alone my parents ! Nor did I have that kind of confidence.

Seeing his confidence I wondered if I would ever have such ability.

Those were wonderful days. That time as an elder brother he easily helped me navigate the labyrinths of Sultan Bazar , Koti and Abids etc.,. Even at that time he was in his own way always on top of the situation.

Time passed but that aura never diminished in my mind.

As the family circles expanded he became a giant live wire in his own circle of influence which is very large. He could be relied on for any help and he would not disappoint you. From a great brother he morphed into many greats. He was a great husband , a great father , a great uncle , a great mama and a great grand father too !

In all this it is his friendly nature that made him touch many lives.

Our short meetings at railway stations , airports receiving escorting and sending off were the most pleasant events. He revelled in spreading mirth and joy in such meetings.

What was the secret of his ever friendly confident appearance?

He was strong and good natured. He was kind and compassionate. Simplicity, sharing and generosity were his virtues.

This week we are going through Bhagavadgita fourteenth chapter.

The fourteenth chapter is about the three gunas Satvik, Rajo and Tamo gunas.

These three Gunas are the cause of all sorrow and may be even the fleeting happiness in chasing mundane things.

Krishna tells Arjuna that the one who overcomes these three gunas will achieve Moksha in this life itself. Moksha is not after life !

Arjuna asks Krishna how would one recognize one who has been able to overcome these Gunas.

Krishna says one for whom sorrow and happiness are alike, agreeable and disagreeable are same etc etc ., Such a one is the one who overcomes the three Gunas.

Under his simple always friendly and helpful nature is probably that ability. That ability to see sorrow and happiness alike, and agreeable and disagreeable are same to him .

He surely overcame the three gunas.

|| om tat sat ||