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Fight on flights of imagination!!


|| om tat sat ||

When I start to talk about a story ' Fight on flights of imagination' I read etc my children would say " there you go again !"

But this is true.

I was on my way to Hyderabad and in Bangalore airport I was browsing through a book by a Deepak something . No not Deepak Vasudev though that is a name that comes to my mind involuntarily for reasons I do not know. But the book is by a Deepak X.

It had an interesting story about two very good friends.

One day the two friends were found thrashing each other severely. The concerned villagers separated them. Knowing them to be two good friends the villagers wanted to know why they were fighting . Both of them would not open up. But after some prodding to find out at least the genesis of the fight , one of them opened up. He said that the it all started after his friend told him that they should start to work and make some money instead of depending on their parents. The idea was very appealing and they proceeded further to think of what to do. They settled on buying a milk yielding cow and sell the milk and make some money. They went further thinking about saving money etc and one of them said that he will let his cow graze in the other friends fields. That was the start. His friend did not like the idea and said that he will not allow anything like that. The conversation quickly moved from insistence and refusal to fist blows and an open brawl. All that was about a non event or an event that did not happen but was in the realm of imagination.

That imagination is the cause of many a sorrows is a known dictum and is well stated in Yogavasishta

That anger leads to undesirable consequences is also not unknown and is well stated by Hanuman

So the story is not very strange

Many a time an argument would start about some thing that might happen.

We tend to worry about what might happen and even fight ostensibly to stop that from happening. May be we are better off thinking about how one might handle that impending catastrophe , if that is so.

The walls of defense are up on both sides and both eye each other with distrust

May be what is needed is a look at whether the imagination is playing tricks or whether the issue at hand is important enough to raise the walls. Relook at priorities. Issue may not be important at all . A bit of understanding and a bit of understating the importance of the issue which is the cause of argument so that it goes off the main table and focus returns to important things

One may say that our old classics tell about ill effects of imagination or ill affects of anger. But not much about how to manage them !

That is not true. they do tell about ways of combating the same.

But they probably tell that with a serious tone and make that also as a serious process.

But a little reflection will help us move on.

|| om tat sat ||