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The January 26th !!


Jan 26.

That was a special day from our childhood.

We would go to school attend the school function sing Janaganamana, without knowing its meaning, collect sweets, play around and go back home. We knew it is a day of national importance. There was no demand of any kind. And we grew.

As we waded through the college education. It was not very different except that the element of a class teacher guiding us or goading us to maintain discipline was missing.

First time as student in foreign country I saw the talk of patriotism, need to do something for the country. Still it was fun. It was a fun day celebrated as Republic day weekend ending with an Indian movie.

Even as I entered the occupational fields and became an employee in a private company in Eastern Electronics Ltd, living NIT Faridabad, I still remember that on the couple of Jan26 days in that company, the owner President Shri Balasundaram a refugee from Lahore doing flag hoisting, in a quiet and dignified way.

There after I have been part of a public enterprise system where the day is virtually a mandatory office day at certain levels. Watching the parade and enduring speeches was a necessity. Still I always remember those days for being pleasant. It was as though being pleasant was mandated. For once the officiousness was dropped and everybody seemingly enjoyed the celebration of being 'free'.

Then switch did happen as I grew professionally. And I became the speaker and enduring the speech was other's problem. I enjoyed the pomp and honor of inspecting the parade, taking the salute, hoisting the flag and announcing awards.

But for once I was also thinking about the day, the Jan26th. I was always thinking what was appropriate for the day and what I could convey to my colleagues even if it was not mandated. Invariably it is about doing our duty or our work. Invariably it veered towards the dictum " karmanyeva adhikarah te ..!

Now free from the bustle of day to day life and looking back on the many Jan26ths, the day still remained a day of reflection and celebration. A wonderful day. An Awesome day in today's language.

There were never any political overtones. Patriotism was not a matter of discussion

||Om tat sat||

|| om tat sat ||