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Guest Column - Dr Shankar Tallapragada

"A chinese proverb "!!

|| om tat sat ||

In the fourth grade, I came across this Chinese saying in my English textbook:

"He who knows and knows he knows,
He is a wise man; seek him.

He who knows and knows not he knows,
He is asleep; wake him.

He who knows not and knows he knows not,
He is a child; teach him.

He who knows not and knows not he knows not,
He is a fool; shun him."

Reading this simple yet powerful verse deeply affected me, and ever since then, it has become the guiding principle of my interpersonal relationships.

Whenever I faced a challenging situation in school, remembering this saying always gave me the boost of encouragement that I needed.

After years of advanced medical training and practice, it's safe to say that it worked!

In fact, in my personal experiences as a physician, I've come across skeptical patients and their family members who seem to let their inner 'fool' cloud their judgment, and believe that their dubious 'online research' into their problems, for example, equips them with more medical expertise than a trained professional.

In times like this, I remind myself of those wise words in my textbook from all those years ago, and I just stay focused on the task at hand.

Eventually, those individuals came to understand the true power of
knowledge and experience over ignorance, and respected me as a trusted friend and advisor.

Now, when I encounter an obstacle or a complex case, I find myself coming back to my guiding light, remembering to expel ignorance, to seek help without fear of judgment, and to keep learning.

|| om tat sat||