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Teacher's day 2018:

|| om tat sat ||

Teacher's day 2018:

The word "Teacher "always reminds you of the days of your learning at school or college etc. But the days of learning need not be only the school days or the college days. If one has that aptitude the learning is a continuing activity. In fact some time ago, again on a Teacher's day, I remembered all my colleagues who acted as Gurus in some form or other, much like the twenty four guru's of Uddhava Gita.

This time we are remembering a teacher who was a teacher to start with and hence I learnt from him in those days when learning was formal, full time and uninterrupted. But then it did not end with the ending of those days in college. It continued and continues even today. First it continued with him becoming a Guru to our family in that my parents became his followers. While helping the old parents keeping them in touch with our Guru , one of my sisters became his Sishya. So much so that once when I went to meet him after a number of years, having been away to US for studies etc, his first round of questions included polite enquiries about my parents and then he asked how is Dr.. so & so ! So he was in a way not only my Guru but also a Guru for our family.

That guru is Sri Bhashyam Appalacharyulu garu. He was my Sanskrit lecturer at PR Govt college Kakinada. Subsequently he started giving public discourses on Ramayana. Probably he has thousands of followers like us. He continues to inspire us.

I said the learning continued and continues even today.

That is because we are currently presenting the inner meaning of Sundarakanda based on his Tattva Dipika through the pages of both in Telugu and English. Every week as we present the inner meaning of one Sarga of Sundarakanda , we continue to learn from him. While presenting the Tattvadipika of the first Sarga which he dealt with so thoroughly , to be truthful we had to add a declaimer that what is presented is only what we understood from his book. There is so much more in that Tattvadipika which we may not have grasped fully and not presented as well. This is especially true for the first Sarga of Sundarakanda. From then on it has become the last line in each Sarga , saying that what is presented is only what we understood !

So we keep learning.
Learning from his books now.

||om tat sat||