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Greetings on Vaikuntha Ekadasi

Jan 12, 2022


Welcome to Kasarabada.org.

Today is an auspicious day. This is also the day we are concluding our Gita Yajnya of adding meanings of all Slokas of Gita.

We are adding the Slokas with meanings in English and Telugu for the last chapter namely the eighteenth chapter, Moksha Sannyasa Yoga.

Shankaracharya in his Bhashyam viewed this chapter as summation of all that is said in the previous chapters. Shankaracharya says "Whatever has been told in the past chapters is seen in this chapter," ("सर्वेषु हि अतीत्येषु अध्यायेषु उक्तः अर्थः अस्मिन् अध्याये अवगम्यते"). So, this chapter in a way recapitulates what has been told in the earlier chapters.In that sense this is the concluding chapter wherein one necessarily looks at the summation too. So, we would be seeing the culmination of thoughts on the three principal streams namely Karma Yoga, Jnyana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

We also have some reflections on what we see as one of the many lessons, titled ,'A lesson from Gita'. A corresponding one in Telugu appears under, సుబ్బలక్ష్మి గారి కలములో ..

The completion of Gita is the culmination of an effort that was spread over five years. Initially we started with presenting only Slokas, followed by preseting the summaries of all chapters, then follwed it by adding meanings of all Slokas. This is an effort taken up for our own pleasure. Gita home page lists all the contents for all the chapters. There is a Gita home page in Telugu too, for your reading pleasure.

This is the 506th Issue.

Happy reading.

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