Welcome to kasarabada.org

July 29, 2022


Welcome to Kasarabada.org.

This week we are uploading Telugu Sundarakanda Slokas of second Sarga with word meanings and commentary ( శ్లోకార్థతాత్పర్యతత్త్వదీపికతో) . These are also listed under a page titled - ' అర్థతాత్పర్యాలతో సుందరకాండ' . The home page of Telugu Sundarakanda will always carry this page with word meanings being uploaded.

We have also created a home page for Sundarakanda Slokas with word meanings which will carry the newly uploaded Sargas with word meanings in English; this page is also listed under the contents on the left as Sundarakanda Slokas with word meanings for easy access; It is also listed in Ramayanam pages with the same title. Ramayana content page is updated

As alreday stated this will now be a year long effort. The addition of comments from Tika Traya of Ramayana is another highlight.

The Sarga 1 with word meanings and commentary, thus uploaded, is a comprehensive document and unavoidably long because of the 201 Slokas that form part of Sarga 1. The web page may take a little longer to load because of its length. Earlier we uploaded Slokas with word meanings for Sarga 1 in Telugu .

Earlier we have also uploaded the Gita in Telugu and English as our first offerings of e-Books. Both cover all chapters of Gita with a little commentary, more appropriate for beginners . The Gita home pages in English and Telugu elaborate on the contents

Also earlier we added some reflections on what we see as one of the many lessons of Gita. It is titled, 'A lesson from Gita'. A corresponding one in Telugu appeared under, సుబ్బలక్ష్మి గారి కలము.

This is the 513th Issue, for your reading pleasure

Happy reading.

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||om tat sat||