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Happy Dussera

Sept 30, 2022


Dussera Greetings for all our readers. This week includes the nine days of Dussera Celebration. This is the peak of the festival season all across India and among the Indian diaspora spread all over the world.

Among the more religiously inclined, these nine days include Devi Puja/worship and reading of Devi Mahatmyam. It is more popularly known as 'Devi Sapta Sati'. A poem of 700 Slokas. We have updated our website with Devi Sapta Sati Slokas in Sanskrit/Telugu /Kannada , on this happy occasion.

This week we continue with Sundarakanda. We are uploading Sundarakanda Slokas of Sixth Sarga with word meanings and commentary in English as well as Telugu

Earlier we had celebration of Teacher's Day, a day of positive inspiration and many positive thoughts. Our inspiration that day was about a pale blue dot, representing mother earth in the Universe. So we had 'A pale blue dot - Teacher's Day 2022' as our flag post for the Teacher's Day this year.

The home page for Sundarakanda Slokas with word meanings will carry the newly uploaded Sargas with word meanings in English; this page is also listed under the contents on the left as Sundarakanda Slokas with word meanings for easy access; It is also listed in Ramayanam pages with the same title. This will now be a yearlong effort. Comments from Tika Traya of Ramayana is another highlight.

This is the 520th Issue, for your reading pleasure

Happy reading.

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||om tat sat||