Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 34

Saving of Nanda & Slaying of Sankhachuda

Once on an eager pilgrimage the Gopas proceeded to Ambikavan hitching their oxen to the carts.

Saving of Nanda and Slaying of Sankhachuda ;

Suka Deva continued

Once the Gopas eagerly proceeded to Ambikavan on a pilgrimage, hitching their oxen to the carts. Having bathed in the river Saraswati, they worshipped the powerful Lord Siva and the Goddess Ambika. Saying ‘Let all Gods be pleased', they gave away cow's sweet tasting food and gold to Brahmans. Nanda, Sunanda and several other Gopas stayed on fasting and subsisting on water for that night on the banks of the river. At that time by chance a great snake which is very hungry came to that area and slithered up to Nanda and started swallowing him.

Seized by the snake, Nanda shouted, “Krishna, Krishna a large snake is swallowing me. Please protect me ‘. Hearing that cry for protection, Krishna became awake immediately and saw Gopas beating the snake with torches. The snake did not release Nanda although he was being torched. With the intent of fighting the snake, Krishna rushed to the spot and touched the snake with his foot.

With the touch of Krishna's foot, the snake gave up its form and in its place stood a Vidyadhara fully resplendent in his celestial glory. As the celestial Vidhyadhara was paying his obeisance, the Lord asked him,” who are you, shining with wonderful beauty and why were you made to accept this terrible form of a snake?”

Vidhyadhara replied, “Oh Lord, I am a Vidhyadhara by name Sudarshan. I was wandering within the skies with my rich and wonderful form. Overly conceited by my status, I laughed at the sages of Angiras lineage. Those who were laughed at made me assume this form because of my sinful action. But O Lord they have also shown mercy on me saying that my sinful actions will be destroyed by touch of the Lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. Oh Lord by the touch of your feet I am now freed from the curse. I know you are the Lord Vishnu, the creator and the destroyer and the one who maintains it too! Now that I am freed from the curse, please give me permission to return to my abode ‘.

Oh Lord. I was freed from the Brahmans curse as soon as I saw you. Any one chanting your name purifies him, and even those hearing also get purified. Then what to speak of those whom you touch? I have surrendered to you, Oh Lord please order me.'

Thus taking permission of Lord Krishna and cicumbulating him three times, Sudarshan left.

The inhabitants of Vraja were amazed at the power of Lord Krishna. They then completed the worship of the Lord Shiva returned to Vraja, again singing the glories of Krishna.

Suka Deva Continued

Once Govinda along with Balaram whose exploits are also well known played in the night along with all the Gopis of Vraja... Krishna and Balaram were wearing garlands of flowers and spotless clothes. Their glories were being sung charmingly by the women folk. The full moon rose along with all stars as though to honor them and the breeze the carried the intoxicating fragrance of Lotuses. Krishna and Balaram too sang, bringing happiness to the ears of all beings. The Gopis were fully absorbed in that music even to the extent of forgetting their appearances.

At that time a servant of the treasures of the Gods, a Yaksha by the name Sankhachuda came there.

Even as Krishna and Balaram were looking on, Sankhachuda drove the assembly of the Gopis who were crying out for help, towards north without fear. Hearing the cries and seeing their devotees being seized by Sankhachuda, the two brothers, Rama and Krishna, ran after the thief. Exhorting their devotees not to fear, they took up the logs of a Sala tree as they pursued the Yaksha. Sankhachuda seeing them running after him like the twin gods of Time and Death left the Gopis and continued to run. While Balaram took care of the released Gopis, Lord Krishna pursued him wherever he went. Finally Lord Krishna caught up with him and killed the Sankhachuda with his fist blow .Removing the crest jewel, Krishna gave that to Balaram as the Gopis watched with great satisfaction


Killing Sankhachuda in this manner and taking the brilliant Jewel, to his elder brother he gave with satisfaction as the Gopis looked on.