Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 26

Krishna's Divinity

'Seeing the Krishna's activities such as this unable to understand the super human powers of Krishna very much astonished Gopas approached Nanda and spoke'.



Krishna's Divinity


Suka Deva Continued

Seeing how Krishna protected Gokul during the storm unleashed by rain gods, yet unable to understand the super human power of Krishna and very much astonished by the events, Gopas approached Nanda and spoke.

“ Certainly these activities of the boy are most amazing , how do you explain his birth among us, the common people. This seven year old boy, held up the best of mountains playfully with one hand like mighty elephant lifting a lotus flower. As a child with eyes almost closed, he drank milk along with her life from the breast of Putana, whose power is great . He was a child of a few months lying beneath and crying . Lo struck by the tip of his foot the cart fell apart. As a one year old, he was taken away by the demon Trinavarta. He seized his neck brought him down and killed him. Once when he was engaged in stealing butter his mother bound him to a mortar, and crawling on his hands and knees, moving in between two Arjun trees , he made them fall. Moving in the forest with the other cowherd boys and Balaram, he tore apart the demon, who came with a desire to kill. The demon Vatsa appearing as another calf among the calves, was killed and thrown on the Kapittha trees, while playing the game of picking fruits. Killing the demon who appeared as a Jackass along with all his friends , Krishna along with Balaram made Talavana forest auspicious filled with ripened fruits . Arranging to Kill demon Pralamba by Lord Balaram, Krishna saved the cows and the Gopas from fire. Subduing the chief of the snakes having the most powerful poison in his fangs, removing his pride, sent him away from the lake. He made the waters of Yamuna free from poison.”

“ Nanda Maharaj, impossible to give up affection for your son among all residents of Vraja , how is it he is so attracted to us ?.”

“ Where is this boy, a mere seven year old boy, where is the great mountain lifted by this boy. O King ! a doubt arises about your son. He is not a mere mortal . “

Nanda Maharaj replied ,” Gopas hear my words. Let your doubts about the boy go away. The Sage Garga spoke to me in the past referring to the child. He said ‘your son appeared in every millennium accepting three colors, sometimes white, sometimes red, sometimes yellow. At the present time he has appeared in blackish color . This child of yours, Krishna, was born some time ago for Vasudeva and learned will call this child son of Vasudeva. There are various names and forms of this son of yours according his attributes and activities, which I know , and not others. This child will always act auspiciously for all your people. You will overcome all kinds of obstacles. Formerly this child appeared whenever the evil forces flourished. He apeared to protect people. Those attached to Krishna will have nothing to fear, just like the devotees of Vishnu have nothing to fear from The demons. Therefore O Nanda , you son is equal to Narayana. Thus you should not be surprised by his deeds'.

.These are the words of Gargamuni.

“ Thus after advising me Garga muni went to his home. So dear Gopas I consider Krishna as direct form of Lord Narayana who keeps us all free from misery “

Hearing the words of Nanda, relating the statements of Gargamuni, the residents of Vraja became free from doubts and their astonishment was gone. They honored Nanda and more so they adored Krishna as the protector of Gokula.


'When the God Indra out of anger due to disturbance of the sacrifice ,caused rains with fierce winds with lightning and thunder, when the Gopas , animals and women had no other to protect them , Krishna a mere boy out of pity lifted mount Govardhan as if in a play as protecting the Gopas , women and the cattle. Thus humbling the pride of Indra'.