Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 27

Krishna as Govinda

With Govardhan hill being held, and the Vraja having been protected from Rain, Surabhi form planet of Cows along with Indra came to Krishna.


 Krishna as Govinda

 Suka Deva continued

With Vraja saved by the lifting of Govardhan Mountain, Surabhi came from the planet of Cows as also Indra the Lord of the Lords.

Having committed the offense and feeling ashamed Indra approached Krishna in a solitary place and touched the feet of Krishna with his crown. With his intoxication of being the Lord of three worlds fully destroyed and having heard and seen the power of Krishna whose splendor is immeasurable, Indra spoke with folded hands in supplication.

“Oh Lord, The Pure being, your form is full of peace, full of knowledge. It is not affected by the modes of passion, and ignorance. Though this world based on your Maya is arising out of you, the effects of the Maya are not in you. O Lord when there is no touch of ignorance in you, how can the resultant greed, lust, anger and passion be in you? When you take the role of a chastiser it is only for protection of Dharma.

You are the father, and the spiritual master of the whole Universe. You as the insurmountable time, wield punishment for the good of the world. You endeavor to eradicate false pride of those who presume themselves to be masters. Those foolish persons like me falsely identifying themselves as the Lords of universe, seeing you fearless at the time of fear take to the right path free of pride. You punish the wicked only to instruct them. Oh Prabho not knowing your glory I have committed the sinful offense in the intoxication of ruler ship. Therefore you should forgive this foolishness, so that never again my mind is impure. Your descent in to this world is for destruction of evil kings who constitute a great burden of this earth and for the benefit of those who serve your lotus feet.

Obeisance to you Oh Bhagavan, who is all pervading, Obeisance to Krishna the son of Vasudeva, and obeisance to the master of all living beings. Obeisance to the one who takes any form of his own freewill, the one who is an embodiment of pure consciousness. Obeisance to the one who is in all, who is the cause of all, who is the soul of all living beings. Bhagavan this act of mine for destruction of Gokul, was done out of mistaken pride when the sacrifice was disrupted. By your mercy my pride has been destroyed. Oh Lord, Guru and the soul of all, I seek shelter in you.

Suka Deva continued

Bhagavan Krishna, thus praised by Indra, smiled and told him in a voice at once stern and paternal. “I brought about the obstruction of the sacrifice only to bless you. By humbling your pride made you aware of the supreme being there by. Intoxicated with wealth and power one does not see the one who is going to punish. When I desire I make such people fall for their own benefit. Indra you may now go, good fortune unto you and you should execute my orders. You may remain soberly engaged in your own responsibilities devoid of false pride “.

Then Surabhi, the mother of cows, along with her offspring, approached Krishna offering respects. Requesting attention of the Lord appearing in the form of a Gopa, she said,” Oh Krishna Oh Krishna, the greatest of all Yogis, the soul of the universe, and the cause of the universe, Achyuta, the protector of the world because of you we feel protected. Oh Master of the universe! You are our supreme deity. For the welfare of the cows, Brahmans, and Devas as also the saintly persons you please be our Indra. We came as directed by Lord Brahma, to anoint you as our Indra. You have taken birth again to relieve the burden of this earth.

Having addressed Krishna thus she performed abhisheka with her own milk.

Indra too inspired by mothers of Devas performed Abisheka with water from celestial Ganges carried by the trunk of the Eiravat elephant. Accompanied by the great sages and Devas they addressed him as Govinda. Then Tumburu and Narad came along with Siddhas, Gandharvas, and Charanaas who danced with joy and sang songs on the glories of the Lord which eradicated the sins. The most eminent Devas praised him and showered him rare kind of flowers. The living beings inhabiting all there worlds experienced happiness. The cows deluged the earth with milk The Rivers flowed with plenty of water. The trees produced sweet sap. Even without cultivation the plants ripened.

Oh King of Kurus, Thus with Krishna being anointed as Govinda all beings even those vicious by nature became free from enmity


Having thus installed Krishna as the master of cows and Gokul, Indra and other Devas went back to their abode