Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 24

Govardhanoddharanam- Lifting of Govardhan Mountain

Understanding that his own Puja has been thwarted, Indra became angry with Gopas headed by Nanda and others who took Krishna as the guide.



 Suka Deva continued.

Understanding that a sacrifice – yaga meant to please him has been thwarted, Indra became angry with Gopas headed by Nanda and others who followed a mere boy Krishna as the guide.

Falsely thinking he is the controller, Indra spoke to the clouds by the name of Samvartika, who can effect the end of universe. ‘See taking the shelter of an ordinary boy Krishna, the Gopas who are only forest dwellers committed an offense against Devas ‘.

‘Using a nominal boat of rituals, and abandoning spiritual knowledge they want to cross beyond the ocean of material existence. Taking shelter of Krishna, a talkative arrogant child who thinks he is wise, these Gopas have acted in an insulting manner. Remove the false pride of these Gopas by bringing destruction to their riches and animals. They are intoxicated with riches and their hearts are fortified by Krishna.'

He added

“I will be following you with Iraavatam. The wind God who moves with great power with the intent of destroying the cowherd community will follow us.'

In this manner ordered by Indra, the Samvartika clouds were freed to embark on the destruction. They tormented the Nanda's Gokul with heavy down pour of rain. Illuminated by lightning, roaring thunder and fearsome winds, they poured on hailstones. With such heavy down pour releasing flood water, neither high nor now earth could be seen. The cows, the Gopas and Gopis shivering and in distress having no shelter other than Krishna prayed to Krishna “Krishna Krishna, you are the master of Gokul, you are so affectionate to your devotees. Kindly protect us from this wrath of Gods.”

Seeing that that the inhabitants of Gokul being attacked by wind and rain, Krishna realized that this is the act of the angry Indra, whose sacrifice has been stopped by him. Krishna understood the need to use his mystic power in order to defeat Indra, the Lord of the Lord's. Those actions emanating out of false pride are threatening Gokul. Krishna was also determined that he shall protect the Gopas who look for shelter from him.

Accordingly, lifting the Govardhan mountain with one hand, like a boy lifting a mushroom sprout, Bhagavan addressed the Gopa community,” O mother, O father, O residents of Vraja please enter the empty space below with the cows “. Putting aside his hunger, the thirst, the pain, and the personal happiness, he held the mountain for seven days without moving from that place, while the residents of Vraja were looking upon him with awe.

Seeing the mystic power of Krishna, with his intentions ruined and his false pride brought down, Indra was most amazed. He ordered the clouds to stop. Seeing the sky clear without clouds, the ceasing of wind and the rain and also seeing the Sun, Krishna addressed the Gopas. “Please give up your fear and go out with your property, women and children. The wind and Rain have stopped, and the river waters have also subsided.” The cowherd men each taking his own cows and property moved out followed by elderly women and children. Bhagavan then put the Hill in its place with ease while everybody looked on.

All the residents of Vraja poured out their love embracing Krishna. Gopis presented curd mixed with water. They also presented excellent benedictions. Yashoda, Rohini and Nanda all of the Gopas embraced Krishna with affection and offered benedictions. From the heavens too all the Devas showered flowers with great satisfaction.


Then O king! , surrounded by the loving cowherd boys, he went off to his place along with Balaram. Gopis went happily singing about the activities such as this by him who touched their heart