Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 18

Pralamba's death - Pralamba Vatha

(Seeing Pralamba killed by Balaram endowed with strength, all the Gopas were astonished and said ‘great' ‘great'.)

Pralamba Vadha

Suka Deva continued.

Then Krishna along with other cowherds joyously entered the Vraja to the accompaniment of singing and dancing by the Gopas praising the deeds of the Lord. While the two of them were playing the roles of ordinary Gopas in Vrindavan the much dreaded summer season arrived. Nevertheless Vrindavan retained the signs of spring time with the presence of Balaram and Kesava among them. The sound of waterfalls submerged the sound of crickets. The drops of water from the waterfalls moistened the leaves on the trees enhancing their beauty. The residents did not feel the blazing heat of the summer with the wind flowing across the overflowing rivers and lakes carrying the moisture in to Vrindavan. The feeling of summer was relieved by the forest full of flowers, and the variety sounds of animals and birds. The Peacocks, Bees Cuckoos and Cranes sang in their own way.

The two brothers were happy to be engaged in games with the other Gopa boys. As Krishna danced, some of them sang, some of them accompanied the music with flute, cymbals and other instruments. The Gopas played with each other by whirling about, jumping, throwing, dragging and slapping on the backs of each other, pulling each other's hair and engaging in friendly fighting. The two brothers would praise the other Gopas by saying ‘very good', ‘very good'. In this way they wandered in the forest, mountains, valleys, groves and the lakes of Vrindavan.

While Balaram and Krishna were going with Gopas, a demon by name Pralamba joined them in disguise of a Gopa with a desire to kidnap the brothers. Krishna, a descendant of Dasarha dynasty, knowing everything about Pralamba, treated him like any other Gopa.

Then Krishna knowing all games spoke to others. ‘Oh Gopas let us play now, dividing into two groups ‘. In that game they made two leaders as Krishna and Balaram, with some Gopas in Krishna's group and others in the group of Balaram. They played various games with the defeated group to carry the winners on their backs. Thus carrying and being carried and also tending to the cows, the Gopas were enjoying themselves and reached a banyan tree by name Bhadirika.

The members of the Balaram's group like Sridama , Vrishabha were victorious and were to be carried by the members of Krishna's Group. Krishna, the Bhagavan carried his friend Sridama, Bhadrasena carried Vrishabha and the demon Pralamba in Gopas disguise carried Balaram, the son of Rohini. Considering Krishna invincible, Pralamba decided to kidnap Balaram and carried him far beyond the place marked for climbing down. As the demon carrying Balaram tried to run away and flew into the sky, the Lord became heavier and Pralamba slowed down and resumed his own form of a demon. For a moment Balaram became a little frightened. Then remembering him without fear, and realizing that he was being kidnapped from his companions, Balaram struck upon the head of the demon with his fists. Thus struck by Balaram, his head split and he fell down dead. Seeing Pralamba killed by Balaram endowed with strength, all the Gopas were astonished and shouted ‘great! Great!! '. Overwhelmed in their minds with the thought of his having come back from death, they offered benedictions to Balaram, praising him and embracing him out of love.


The sinful Pralamba having been killed, the Devas were greatly satisfied, and showered Balaram with garlands saying ‘excellent' ‘excellent'.