Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 33

Raslila - The Rasa Dance

Thus hearing Bhagavan's most charming words, they gave up the distress born out of separation and by touching his limbs felt fulfilled.


The Rasa Dance

Suka Deva continued

Thus hearing Bhagavan's most charming words, the Gopis gave up the distress born out of separation. By seeing he and touching him they felt fulfilled.

There Lord Krishna began the play of Rasa dance with the faithful Gopis, the jewels among women, who joyfully joined hands. The festive rasa dance commenced with Gopis arrayed in a circle. Krishna expanded himself and presented himself between each pair of the Gopis. The master of all mystic power appeared with one and all placed his arms around each girl and each girl thought the Lord was sitting next to her. The Devas and their wives were overwhelmed with the sight and soon the sky was crowded with the celestial vehicles. Drums sounded and flowers showered down as the chief of Gandharvaas and their wives sang the glories of the Lord.

There was tumult of noise of the armlets, ankle bells and waist bells as the Gopis played the Rasa Dance. In the middle of the dancing Gopis, the Lord appeared most brilliant like a sapphire in the middle of golden ornaments. As the Gopis sang in praise of Krishna their feet danced, their hands gestured, their eyebrows moved with playful smiles. As the Gopis moved in the night they shone like the streaks of lightning on a mass of clouds.

Eager to enjoy the conjugal love, the Gopis sang loudly and danced. They were overjoyed with Krishna's touch and the songs they sang in joy pervaded the whole universe. One Gopi joining Mukunda sang in melodious tones and Lord was pleased saying excellent. One other Gopi sang the same song with different meter and Lord appreciated her too! Gopis were singing and dancing and those who got tired seem to lean on the Krishna on his shoulder on his arms and so on. Having obtained the Lord as their lover, they sang his glories expanding himself to as many forms as the Gopis present, the Lord though self satisfied nevertheless gave fulfillment to all Gopis.

Hearing the story of the Gopis, Maharaj Parikshit asked , “O Brahman! The supreme God descended on this earth for establishment of religious principles and subduing the enemies. How could he as the original speaker, the executor and protector of Dharma behave to the contrary by touching others wives? The self satisfied master of Yadu dynasty certainly performed that which is contemptible. With what purpose the Lord behaved in this way please explain.

Suka Deva replied.

Oh Rajan! The transgression of moral principles seen by Supreme Being (Iswaranaam) does not lead to a fault, like the fire which devours everything and yet retains its purity. One who is not a supreme being shall not try for he may be destroyed acting out of foolishness. Just as one who is not Rudra will destroy himself by drinking ocean of poison. The words of the empowered servants are true, as also what they do. An intelligent man should follow those actions that are consistent and within his realm of action.

Oh Maharaj! When pious people, who are free from false ego act piously they have no selfish motive to protect. Even when they act to the contrary the undesirable reactions do not accrue to them. What to speak of then about the Lord who created all beings the animals, humans and the residents of heaven.

Material acts never entangle the devotees of the supreme Lord, who are fully satisfied serving the Lotus feet. So is the case with Sages who freed themselves of all bondage. How can such material acts entangle the Supreme Being who has taken a form to come to this earth? The Gopis and their husbands are embodied living beings within who lives the Supreme Being. To show mercy to his devotees the Lord assumed the form of a human. In his human form he accepts such activities hearing which the devotees become dedicated to him.

The cowherd men were not jealous because of Krishna's illusory potency; they were having their own wife next to them all through this period. Towards morning as advised by Krishna all the Gopis, unwilling, returned to their homes.



Whoever hears or describes this sporting of the Lord Vishnu with the young women of Vrindavan will obtain the Lords devotional service, he will become Sober and drive away the disease of material lust in the heart without delay.