Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 7

Trinavarta's Story

(‘Oh Prabho! the various actions of the supreme God in his various incarnations are very pleasing to hear and attractive to the mind.)

Trinavarta's story:

Suta Mahamuni continued.

After hearing story of Putana's salvation, Maharaj Parishit asks Suka Deva, ‘Oh Prabho! The various actions of the Supreme God in his various incarnations are very pleasing to hear and attractive to the mind. Just hearing them cleanses mind of evil thoughts. Please describe other childhood activities of Krishna appearing as a mere mortal child in this world.'

Suka Deva continued

‘O King! As the time passed, the divine child became three months old. The process of rolling over by the child was celebrated as “utthana “ceremony. Vedic Brahmins chanted Vedic hymns in a full festive manner. Maharaj Nanda's wife, Yashoda received the Brahmans with full respect giving them food grains, milk bearing cows and garlands. During the festivities, Yashoda noticed the child to be sleepy and put him down to let him sleep peacefully. And then she got busy in her activities of attending to the assembled guests.

Being busy attending to all the guests, Yashoda could not hear the cries of the child who was hungry and kicking his legs. The child was lying underneath a cart carrying various items. As he kicked the cart with his soft delicate legs the cart overturned, all the utensils fell down and the two wheels came apart. When Yashoda, Maharaj Nanda and all the assembled guests saw the broken cart, they were wonder struck. The children who were around and saw the event, told the assembled guests that the cart came apart as soon as the child kicked with one leg. The unlimited power of the divine child could not be conceived by others and they treated the talk of kicking the cart as childish story. Thinking that child may be affected by evil planets, parents performed even more appropriate Vedic Pujas for the welfare of the child. Thinking that blessing of holy people who are truthful, free from pride and cruelty will never go in vain, Nanda performed elaborate ceremonies with Brahmans giving the blessings to the child protecting him from future catastrophes too! Indeed the blessings of Holy men learned in Vedas and having control of their mind shall never go in vain.

Soon enough one more event happened.

One day mother Yashoda was having the child in her lap and found him to be unusually heavy as though he was carrying the weight of the world. Yashoda astonished at the weight of the child put him down. Praying to the Lord Maha Vishnu for protection, she got busy in the house hold work.

At that time another demon named Trinavarta, having been deployed by Kamsa, came there in the form of a whirlwind and carried the child away. The whirl wind covered all of Gokul taking away the power of vision and creating very fierce sound. For a moment the whole Gokul was plunged in darkness. Yashoda was herself thrown about and fell down crying for her child.

The demon Trinavarta took the child away with his force and flew up. Higher he flew, heavier the child seemed to be. Finally he could go no higher as the divine child became too heavy. Trinavarta realized the weight of the child to be ever increasing and more than he thought of. With the child clinging to his neck he could also not free himself from the child. Held tightly by the child around the neck, the demon choked without making a sound, and fell down from the sky on a stone, breaking his bones and scattering all parts of his body.

The Gopis picked up Krishna who returned from the jaws of death, serenely lying on the chest of Trinavarta

It is indeed an astonishing event that the child, taken away to be killed, has returned unhurt. The demon has been killed by the weight of his sinful activities. Indeed a person free from sinful activities, living with equanimity is protected from all dangers.

Not yet knowing the divinity of the child growing in Gokul, Maharaj Nanda and others wondered aloud what kind of austerity, worship, and charity must have been performed by them in their previous births, as a result of which this child who was given up for lost has come back to his people. Having seen all these incidents Maharaj Nanda again remembered the cautionary words of Vasudev .

One day Yashoda keeping the child in her lap as usual was feeding the baby and enjoying the joy of smiles from the child. While she was looking at his face, the child yawned, opening his mouth. Mother Yashoda absolutely immersed in Love saw the whole universe as it were. Astonished at such a wonderful sight, she closed her eyes not believing them. As she closed her eyes in her confusion, she could only remember the Supreme Lord the ultimate protector.


Suddenly seeing the whole universe, with her heart throbbing, opening her two eyes like the eyes of a deer cub, she became astonished.