Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 28

Rescue of Nanda - by Krishna

Fasting on the eleventh day and worshipping Janardana, on the twelfth day Nanda entered the waters of Kalindi River to take bath


Rescue of Nanda

Suka Deva Continued

Once after fasting and worshipping Janardana on the eleventh day of the moon, Nanda entered the waters of Kalindi River to take bath very early on the twelfth day. Having entered the waters at the inauspicious time, he was seized by a servant of Varuna and was presented to the master.

At Gokul not seeing Nand, seemingly lost in the waters of Yamuna, the Gopas called out loudly, “O Krishna, O Rama“. Lord Krishna having heard their cries, immediately understood that his father was taken away by Varuna. Krishna, the proponent of fearlessness went to that place where Nanda was taken. Seeing that Lord Hrishikesa himself has arrived, Varuna the ruler of that part with respectful offerings and elaborate worship spoke to Lord Krishna.

“Prabho! Today I have achieved the purpose of my Life. My obeisance unto you. You are the ultimate truth and the supreme soul which is beyond Maya. Your father who is sitting here was brought to me by a foolish ignorant servant not knowing his proper duty. Your good self should forgive us. O Govinda! You, who can see everything, please give your mercy to us. Oh Lord! Your father may be taken back .”

Suka Deva Continued;

Thus satisfied, Lord Krishna took his father and returned home bringing pleasure to all the Gopas. Seeing the obeisance offered by the rulers of the other planet to Krishna, and amazed at that sight, Nanda related the events to other Gopas. Realizing Krishna to be the form of Supreme God, full of eagerness in their mind they were hoping that Krishna would bestow on them with an opportunity to see his own abode .The Bhagavan, who knows everything, understanding the desire of his devotees, realized that these devotees in this world without knowledge and because of Karma are wandering in the higher & lower destinations and do not recognize their own real destination. Accordingly Bhagavan, in his merciful form, showed his own abode, Vaikuntham which is beyond passions, to the Gopas. Krishna revealed to Gopas the unlimited indestructible (satyam) knowledge (Gyanam) of the absolute (brahma), which indeed is seen only by sages who moved beyond material passions. They were brought to the pool of the knowledge of Brahman, bathed in the same and brought out. They saw the Vaikuntham the abode of the Lord, the same way Akrura saw.

Gopas headed by Nanda seeing the Vaikuntha with Krishna surrounded by Vedic hymns and being praised were overwhelmed with joy.


The Gopas headed by Nanda seeing that supreme ecstacy of Krishna being praised by Vedas themselves were overwhelmed with joy