Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 20

The Seasons

The wonderful act of those two in saving them from the fierce fire, and the killing of Pralamba were described in detail to the ladies by the Gopas.


Suka Deva continued.

Returning home, the excited Gopas described to all the ladies of the village the wonderful acts of Balaram and Krishna in the killing of Pralamba and in saving them from the fierce fire in the forest of Vrindavan. Hearing the amazing deeds of the two, the elder Gopas and the Gopis too were surprised and felt that Krishna and Rama must be the Gods who came to protect the people of Vraja.

Then the Rainy season started.

Suka Deva continued.

O King! The rainy season is the source of life for all living beings, with lightning and flashes agitating the skies all the time. The dense blue clouds along with lightning and thunder covered the skies like the spirit of the soul is covered by the material desires.

As the rainy season has come timely, the Sun began to release all the water of the earth which was virtually drunk by his rays during the eight months. The great clouds shaken by the wind and displaying lightning poured out the rain as if it were life. Like the body looking refreshed after obtaining the fruits of austerities, the earth too emaciated by the summer heat became fully nourished by the rain God.

The glow worms shone during the twilight hours and not the stars and planets because of cloudy skies. It is as though the sinful activities and atheism got prominence in the age of Kali and not the Vedas.

Hearing the resounding rain clouds the frogs that have been lying silently, emitted the continuous sounds like the Brahman students reading aloud their scriptures after finishing their morning duties.

With abundance of rain water the small rivers strayed from their courses like a person with abundance of material riches strays from the path of dharma.

Green because of fresh grass which is green, reddish because of Indragopa insects, and the mushrooms adding color of white, the earth shone with multiple colors.

The fields with their wealth of grains gave joy to the farmers, and remorse to others whose fields did not produce grains and who did not understand that it is destiny which controls the lives. All the residents of land and water taking recourse to the new rainwater looked more attractive just like devotees rendering devotional service to the supreme Lord themselves look resplendent.

Rivers full with rain and flowing with turbid water become agitated at the point of meeting the ocean just like an immature yogi tainted with lust meeting the objects of gratification. The mountains struck by the Rain bearing clouds did not shake even after repeated attacks just like those whose minds are absorbed in the Supreme Being are not disturbed while facing dangers.

The roads not being cleaned became obscure covered by the grass growing in the rainy season, much like the scriptures not studied by the Brahmans and corrupted by passage of time. The moon did not shine forth and remained behind the clouds like the living entity covered by his own ego.

On the arrival of clouds the peacocks in festive mood cried out in greeting and became joyful just like the devotees who are distressed would become happy on the arrival of Achyuta at their home. When Indra sent the rains the flood waters broke through the river banks just like the false Vedic arguments break the path of Vedas in Kaliyuga. The clouds forced by the winds released the nectar like rainwater to all living beings like kings releasing benedictions encouraged by the Brahmans to all people.

Thus with the advent of rainy season the Vrindavan became most hospitable with ripe dates and Jamboo fruits.

Krishna accompanied by Balaram and surrounded by cows and cowherds entered the forest with the purpose of enjoying the beautiful forest in the rainy season. He saw the residents of the forest looking happy, the trees of the forest dripping with sweet juices, and resounding water falls in mountains and nearby caves. When it is raining the Krishna would enter a cave or the hollow of a tree and enjoyed eating fruits. Sitting on a stone he would eat the rice mixed with curd from home together with all other cowherds in the company of Balaram.

Thus watching the calves, cows and bulls grazing on the grassy fields Krishna paid his respects to the rainy season enjoying the company of other cowherds and elder brother Balaram.

While the two of them were living in Vrindavan in this manner, the autumn season became fully manifest with the sky free from clouds. Rivers were full with clear water and gentle winds started blowing in the evenings. The autumn season restored the water bodies to their natural state of cleanliness free from turbulence just like the state of mind of a prefect Yogi freed from all doubts.

The Autumn which regenerated the lotus flowers also restored the bodies of water to their natural state of purity just like the practice of Yoga restores purity to the mind .

Autumn cleared the clouds from the sky, the animals from the crowded conditions, the muddy covering on the earth, purified the water of contamination just like the devotion to Krishna removed the inauspiciousness of spiritual orders.

The autumn clouds having given up all they have during rainy season, shone with the brilliance of sages who have given up all desires.

Mountains released the water some times and did not release their water some other times , very much like the knowledgeable people who release their knowledge some times and not so at other time.

The diminishing of water with advancing autumn is not noticed by the fish living inside the shallow water just like the foolish men living with family not noticing the shrinking life span.

With the arrival of autumn, water became a motionless and ocean became quiet .The autumn moon took away the suffering of all creatures caused by autumn sunrays. The autumn sky shone brilliantly with clearly visible stars free from clouds. The moon shone forth in the sky along with stars like the Yadu prince Krishna on the earth surrounded by the circle of Vrisnis. When the autumn's sun rose all the lotuses blossomed abundantly except for the Kumud like the populace which becomes fearless in the presence of a king except for the thieves.

All the towns and villages shone with festivities of the new harvest. The earth rich with her grains shone brilliantly with the presence of the two brothers Krishna and Balaram. The merchants, sages, kings and students kept inside by rains were now free to go like the perfected persons when their time has come.


Unbroken in its sphere the moon shone forth in the sky along with stars like the Yadu prince Krishna on the earth surrounded by the circle of Vrisnis