Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 32


Oh Rajan ,thus speaking and singing in picturesque ways , the Gopis wailed loudly for the sight of Krishna



Suka Deva continued

Oh Rajan ,thus speaking and singing in sorrow yet in charming ways, the Gopis wailed loudly for the sight of Krishna . Then Krishna re appeared before them with a smiling face wearing an yellow cloth, and a garland around his neck , exhibiting a form that will create an attraction even in the mind of Cupid .

Seeing that the one dearest to them has returned all of them stood up. They stood up all at once opening their eyes wide out of affection as though the life has returned. One of Gopis seized his hand in her folded palms with joy . Another took his arm and put it on her shoulder. One slender Gopi put her hands together to receive the chewed betel nuts. And another Gopi burning with desire held his lotus feet and pressed them to her bosom to relieve her distress . One in pure love cast angry glances as if to kill and bit her lips. Yet another Gopi though looking at the lotus face of the Lord with her unblinking eyes , was not satisfied much like the mystic saints meditating on Him. One of the Gopis capturing him through the pupil of her eye placed him in her heart and embracing him there she remained in ecstacy like a Yogi. All the Gopis feeling joy at the sight of him they gave up the distress of separation like the people who on achievement become enlightened.

Surrounded by the Gopis fully cleansed of the distress of separation, the Lord appeared exceedingly brilliant, shone like the one surrounded by all his powers. The almighty Lord took them all to the banks of Yamuna shining with moon who dispelled the darkness with his rays as the fragrant breeze created an auspicious atmosphere.

With the pain in their heart being cured by his appearance, Gopis felt they attained the ultimate fulfillment much like the learned ones, who go beyond Vedas. Collecting all their upper garments smeared with saffron powder they made a seat for him.

There on the seat made by the Gopis sat the Bhagavan.

The Isvara who has a seat in the heart of Yogis, on the seat made by the Gopis . honored and worshipped by them , bearing a form that is the center all beauty revealed in all the three worlds. They honored Him ,who according to them is the Lord of lusty desires , the inciter with playful glances and smile. Then the Gopis spoke to him with a touch of anger while offering him words of praise and gently stroking his hands and legs resting in their laps .

Gopis asked ,” Some reciprocally show love. Some to the contrary show love even if others have no love for them. There are still others who have no love for any body . Among these please tell who is the best.”

Krishna replied .

'Friends who mutually reciprocate for their own benefit , they have no true friendship, there is no duty, only self interest . Those who devotedly serve even those who do not reciprocate , like parents, they are merciful . There is a faultless religious duty in this and friendship too. What to speak of those who do not reciprocate with those who are acting properly !. Some are self satisfied and are entirely absorbed in themselves. For them every body is included in self and hence they do not see the need to reciprocate. Some are those who have attained all material desires and hence do not see the need to reciprocate, and yet others who are ungrateful .

‘ O friends on the other hand with all beings who worship me , I do not reciprocate immediately in order to intensify their devotion . Like a poor man having obtained wealth and on it being lost , he cannot think of any other , Oh Gopis it is only with a view to strengthen the longing for me in you , that I disappeared from your vision. It is only to serve you invisibly hearing your prayers . Therefore you should not be inimical with your beloved . I am not able repay even with a life time as long as that of a demigod those who have worshipped me cutting that most difficult chains of household. Let the good activity itself be the return.”



I am not able repay those free from deceit ,who have worshipped me cutting that chains of household ,which is difficult to overcome , even with a life time as long as that of a demigod . Let the good activity itself be the return.