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"From a small beginning "!!

|| om tat sat ||

From a small beginning....

While we completed Sundarakanda in Telugu this week and along the way updated the Ramayan page , looking at the page, the thought that occurred was how the small beginning has blossomed into a nice collection !

There is an old saying which goes like ..".. little drops of ocean make mighty ocean ". There could be many variants on this line. Small beginnings lead to many big things, or indeed many big things have small beginnings ! Or say simply do not get deterred by the daunting task, make a beginning.

At the start we were like little kids in front of a huge ocean. Make a beginning is indeed what all we did with -

The first post was on July17 2010, with two blogs on the main page titled -"What is Kasara" about the possible link of the name kasarabada to a past, and the second blog was about music in our epics. Our first post did say what we want to do. And looking back after about eight years we can say we largely stuck to what we said we will, writing about Ramayanam and Bhagavatam and other classics.

The started off a Bhagavatam page (2) with - Dasama Skandha or the tenth book which covers the enchanting story of Krishna.

The Ramayana page took up the Elchuri Vijayraghavrao garus Samkshipta Sundarakanda in Telugu free verse which appeared in nine parts. This was followed by series of articles on "Role models in Ramayana" penned by a close Turaga friend.

After about an year in November 2011 we started "Athato Brahma jignyasaa" page (70) for Veda related topics, thus establishing the three main pages Ramayan, Bhagavatam, and Athato of the website.

It took another year and completion of Dasama Skandha in June 2012 (102) to make another start. Then we started Valmiki Sundarakanda (106) with summary of each Sarga in Sanskrit, English and Telugu which went on for 68 weeks. The completion of that Sundarakanda was announced in October 2013 (173)

Then we started Sankara's Tattva bodha November 2013. It is much later in 2014 July 2014 (212) we started Balakanda which continued till Jan 23 2016 ( 296).

In between we started Bhagavad Gita in June 2015 with a one chapter per month which was completed in Dec 2016.

In Feb 2016 , a close family crisis made us restart Sundarakanda, with an effort of uploading all slokas of all sixty eight Sargas for parayana. That was at the rate of one Sarga per day and it was completed (311) in 68 days.

The availability of all slokas of Sundarakanda on the web site , led us to take up the translation of complete Sundarakanda slokas into English (332) in April 2017. That was completed in October 2017. Then translation of Sundarakanda into Telugu was started in October 2017 and was completed this week (371).

Today the Ramayana page does reflect the amount of activity that went into it.

On the Ramayana page now we have the following

- Balakanda all 77 chapters
- Samkshipta Ramayana ( Sarga one of Balakanda)
- Srirama Jananam ( from Balakanda)
- Sita Rama Kalyanam ( from Balakanda)
All with sloka text available in multiple languages

- Sundarakanda ( all 68 Sargas):
- Sundarakanda - A chapter-wise Summary
- Sundarakanda Slokas: all Slokas of all 68 Sargas for parayana
- Sundarakanda Slokas with Prose order & Translation into English and Telugu- with sloka text in Devanagari, Telugu , Kannada, and Gujarati;

- Samkshipta Sundarakanda : covers all 68 Chapters of Sundarakanda
- SriRama Pattabhishekam with Sloka Text in Telugu Devanagari, and Kannada
- Aditya Hrudayam with Slokas and commentary on Aditya hrudayam as Upasana
- Role Models from Ramayana ;A Turaga contribution covering several major characters in Ramayana
- Pandit Elchuri Vijayraghavrao's Samkshipta Sundarakanda in Nine Parts

Other Articles include:
- Going to Forests
- Questions Questions and more Questions !!!
- In the Thick of Battle
- In Praise of Hanuman Pt. 1
- In Praise of Hanuman Pt. 2
- Yuddhakanda Chapter 1 extracts
- Hanuman gets all powerful embrace
- Valmiki Sundarakanda

This collection is indeed a happy culmination of our humble start some eight years ago.

|| om tat sat||