Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 35

Gopis Songs

When Krishna goes to the forest, Gopis, chasing him in their minds sing his glories loudly as they pass the day unhappily.


Gopi s Songs

 Suka Deva continued

Oh King , whenever Krishna went to the forest to tend to the cows , Gopis , ever chasing him in their minds , sing his glories loudly as they pass the day reminiscing the missing presence of Lord Krishna.

The Gopis sang.

“ O Gopis , as the Mukunda vibrates the flute placed on his lips, with eyebrows dancing as the holes are blocked in sync by his tender fingers , and the Lord rests his left cheek on the left arm with the flute, the Siddha ladies travelling in the skies together with the Siddhas are amazed to find their minds yielding to thoughts of passion .

O Gopis, this is a wonder. When his flute vibrates, the bulls, the deer, and the cows in the pastures of Vraja act as though they are asleep and their mind is stolen away. As they stand still listening to the music with their ears all erect, and stop chewing the food. It is indeed like a painting.

O Gopis ,when Krishna playing his flute calling the cows appears , decorated with tail feather of a peacock , leaves of the trees , colored minerals , and wearing an apparel imitating a wrestler, then receiving the dust of his lotus feet carried by the wind , the river also seem to have broken its movement coming to a halt with a short movement of waves .

O Gopis when Krishna wandering the in the forest along with his friends chanting his glories and calls the Cows wandering in the mountain sides with the music of his flute – all the creepers in the forest excited by the sound of flute became full of flowers, and they shed honey dew in happiness and the trees bend down with the weight of the fruits as if paying obeisance to the Lord.

O Gopis , when Krishna plays the flute with a tilak on his forehead and wearing a Tulasi garland attracting swarms of bees singing the his glories , the cranes, swans and other birds in the lake all come forward with their minds stolen by the music of the flute . They stand silently with eyes closed like Yogis worshipping the Lord. Ah what a sight!

Oh Goddesses of Vraja , when Krishna plays the flute , playfully wearing a garland on his head creating joy to the entire world then even the clouds in sky not wanting to disturb the song thunder gently , raining flowers of respect . It is as though clouds made an umbrella to provide shade to the Lord

Oh Mother Yasoda! Your son, an expert in all activities of herding cows, also brought forth a variety of musical notes with his flute. When Krishna is playing the flute even Lords Brahma, Siva and other gods, themselves experts in all Vedas bow down their head at the exquisite notes of music unable to ascertain the essence.

Oh Gopis, when Krishna plays the flute and strolls through Vrindavan with his lotus feet leaving marks of the flag, thunder bolt and lotus, relieving the earth of the pain caused by the hoofs of the cows, we lost in the distress of separation, are not aware of the movement of our braids or the garments or the state of our body.

Oh Gopis, when Krishna plays the flute wearing the garland having the fragrance of Tulasi flowers, with his arm resting on the shoulder of a friend, and sometimes counting the cows then the female deer attracted by the sweet music approaches the Lord much like us leaving its home and all its obligations.

Oh Yashoda , when the son of Nanda playing the flute surrounded by the other Gopas herding the cows , wearing the enchanting garland of flowers , and is moving on the banks of Yamuna , the cool breeze blows gently , and the Devas stand all around like those courtiers who offer their praise with various forms of music singing and offering of gifts.

Oh Gopis, collecting the entire herd of cows, to whom he is dear because he lifted the mountain protecting them from the rain, and with the other Gopas singing his glories creating a festive mood, the Lord returns at the end of the day wearing garlands colored by the dust raised by the hoof of the cows and playing the flute delighting all the onlookers.

Oh Gopis see this Lord of Yadus, with eyes slightly rolling with intoxication, showing respect to his well wishing friends with his wheatish face and cheeks and wearing golden ornaments, his gait resembling a lordly elephant, returned to Gokul with the cattle bringing pleasure to people of Vraja. It is like the rise of moon in the night dispelling the heat of the day

Oh Rajan! Like this the ladies of Vraja passed their day time singing the glories of the Lord all through the day.


Rajan! Like this the women of Vraja, continuously chanting Krishna's glories, they enjoyed the days with their hearts absorbed in Him experiencing a festivity.