Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 36

Death of Arishta

Then there came to Gokul one ox demon( vrishabhaasura ) by name Arishta, with large hump made the earth tremble torn by his hoofs.


Slaying of Arishta

Suka Deva continued

Then there came to Gokul one demon by name Aristasura, a bull with a large hump, he made the earth torn by his hoofs tremble. With the Arista bellowing most harshly, scrapping the ground with his hoofs, the Gopas and Gopis, who then caught the sight, were terrified with his roar. The domestic animals fled in fear and all the inhabitants of Vraja rushed to Lord Govinda for shelter.

Seeing the cowherd community in fear and telling them not to be afraid, Bhagavan addressed Aristasura. “O Fool, what are you doing frightening the cowherds and the animals, when I am here? “

Speaking thus and challenging him by slapping his arms ,and standing casually keeping one of his arms over the shoulder of a Gopa, The Lord enraged the demon even more. Thus challenged Arista charged Krishna. The Supreme Lord seized the bull by the horns threw him back eighteen steps like an elephant would do to another. Thus repulsed, the bull again charged at the Lord in a mindless rage. Again seizing the demon by his horns, using his feet to trip him, yanked out one horn and struck him with that until he lay dead.

After the death of Arishta, Narad went and spoke to Kamsa.

“Kamsa! Yashoda's eighth child is actually a daughter . Krishna is the son of Devaki and Balaram is the son of Rohini. Vasudeva entrusted them to Nanda. It is these two boys who have killed your men “.

On hearing this Kamsa, the Lord of Bhojas became nasty with anger and picked a sword to kill Vasudeva. Narad restrained him by reminding him that it is the two sons who will be the cause of his death. Nevertheless Kamsa had both Vasudeva and Devaki shackled in chains immediately.

After Narad left, Kamsa spoke to Kesini,” Krishna and Balaram, the two brothers should be killed by you “. Then he called his ministers headed by Mushtika, Chanura, Sala and Tosala . The king addressed them as follows. “Dear friends please listen. Oh Heroes Chanura and Mushtika! , in the cowherd village of Nanda the two sons of Vasudeva Krishna and Rama are living. My death is indicated from them. They are being brought here. Kill them in the sport of wrestling. Erect a wrestling ring and let all residents of the city see the competition. You the elephant keepers position the elephant Kuvalayapida at the entrance and have him kill the two brothers. Commence the bow sacrifice on the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle in accordance with relevant Vedic rites. Also offer ritual sacrifices to Lord Siva.

Having commanded his ministers, Kamsa then called Akrura the most eminent among Yadus. Kamsa knew the art of taking personal advantage. Taking the hands of Akrura in his hand, he spoke to him earnestly.

“Oh Dear master of charity, for me please do a friendly favor out of respect. Among Bhojas and Vrishnis there is none other than yourself who can act most properly . There is no one who executes prescribed duties soberly . Therefore I am depending on you . Like Indra took shelter of Lord Vishnu to achieve his goals I am taking your help . Please go to the cowherd village of Nanda . There the two sons of Vasudeva are living. Bring them here on this chariot . The two of them have been sent by the Devas to kill me . Bring them along with Nanda and other cowherds carrying gifts of tributes . I will have them killed here by the elephant which is like death itself. If they go free then I will have them killed like lightning by the wrestlers. When these two have been killed then I will have Vasudeva and all the other relatives killed . I will also kill Ugrasena, my father who is greedy for the kingdom and his brother Devaka and all others who are my enemies. Then my friend! this earth will be free of thorns . Jarasandha, my guru and Dvivida my dear friend are my well wishers, as also Sambara, Naraka and Bana. With their help I will kill all Devas and rule the earth. Now that you know my intentions you please go to Vrindavan at once and bring Krishna and Balaram to watch the bow sacrifice and the glory of the Yadu capital.

Akrura said,” Rajan! Your thinking which is perfect hopefully will wash away all your misfortune. Still one should act making success and failure equal. After all destinies is the cause of final result. An ordinary person is determined to act on his desires, even when fate prevents their fulfillment. Therefore he encounters both happiness and distress. Even though such is the case I will execute your order



Having thus instructed Akrura , and dismissing his ministers Kamsa entered his home and Akrura went to his home