Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 37

Killing of Kesi and Vyoma


Kesi sent by Kamsa in the form of a huge Horse whose speed is like that of the mind


Killing of Kesi and Vyoma

Suka Deva continued

O King ! Kamsa continued his efforts to kill Krishna and Balaram. He sent a demon named Kesi. Kesi entered Vrindavan in the form of a huge Horse running with the speed of mind, digging up the earth with his hoofs. The whining sound made by him, terrified all people in vrindavan. Seeing that all the residents of Vraja are getting terrified, and knowing all too well that Kesi was actually looking for him, Krishna challenged him. Kesi too immediately responded roaring like a lion. Seeing Krishna standing before him, he ran forward with furious speed and attacked the Lord with his two legs. Dodging his attack, the Lord seizing Kesi by his legs, twirling him in the air, contemptuously threw him a distance of hundred bow lengths. Regaining his strength Kesi got up and again rushed to attack Krishna with his mouth wide open. But the Lord just smiled and thrust his left arm into the mouth of the Horse. As soon as he thrust his hand inside the mouth, Kesi's teeth fell off. And his arm expanded greatly blocking Kesi's air passage. Perspiring, throwing about his legs and rolling his eyes, Kesi fell down dead, short of breath. The Lord then withdrew his arm having killed him without much effort.

It was a demonstration of power, appreciated by all Devas who showered flowers from above.

There and then came Narad, the King of Rishis, who met Krishna, the Lord of effort less achievements. Meeting Krishna secretly he spoke as follows.

“Krishna Krishna, O Lord of mystic power, Lord of all universe, oh Vaasudeva, the shelter of all beings, best of Yadus, you are the supreme soul hidden within the cave of the heart. You are the witness within every one. You are the controller of everybody's Destiny. You are immeasurable .You are the shelter of all. By your creative energy you created all, you are the Iswarah!

You have now descended on the earth to protect the saintly persons and to destroy the Demons who are appearing as kings. The Horse demon was so terrifying with his whining that even the Devas were terrified. And it is our fortune that the horse demon was killed by you like in a game.

Oh Almighty Lord, I see a series of events unfolding before me.

I will be witnessing in a few days the death of Chanura, Mushtika as well as the death of Kamsa and the elephant Kuvalayapida. Sometime after that I will be witnessing the death of Sankha, Yavana, Mura, Narakaasura and others. I shall also be seeing you secure Parijata after defeating Indra. I shall also be seeing you marrying daughters of heroic persons, after paying bridal money of valorous deeds. I also see the salvation of Nriga freed from a curse of being a chameleon in Dwaraka. You will also be accepting the jewel Syamantakamani along with a wife, and bring to life the dead sons of the Brahman. There after I will see the killing of Paundraka and the burning of Kasi, death of Dantavakra and as well as that of the prince of Chedi during that great sacrificial ceremony. I will see all these and other great acts of yours that you perform during your stay at Dwaraka. Then I will see you as the time personified to reduce the burden of this earth, overseeing the destruction of armies of warriors, as the charioteer of Arjun”.

“Oh Lord I seek shelter in you”.

“You are the pure form of knowledge. My salutations to thee, the Lord of the Universe. You have taken the human form in the Yadu dynasty, to participate in the human warfare “.

Having praised the Lord, Narad prostrated before him and took his permission left for his abode.

Bhagavan Govinda also, having killed Kesi, continued tending to the cows along with other Gopas, who were all very pleased by the happenings.

Once while tending to the cows on the mountain slopes, Krishna organized a game of hide and seeks among the Gopas, with some acting as cattle lifters and some acting as cowherds. So some of the Gopas impersonated as thieves some of the Gopas impersonated as cowherds and some as cows themselves. Then a demon by name Vyoma, the son of Maya, came there assuming the form of a Gopa. Vyoma stole many of the Gopas, who were playing the part of animals and hid them in a cave in the mountains one by one. Finally only four or five Gopas were left. Knowing this act of Vyoma, Krishna, the savior of his devotees caught him in the act of taking away a Gopa. The demon immediately resumed its huge form and tried to get out of the grip of Krishna but could not. Krishna threw Vyoma to the ground and killed him by making him suffocate. All the Devas witnessing the same were pleased. Krishna then released the Gopas jailed in the cave by breaking open the entrance to the cave. Then Krishna returned to Gokul while all the Gopas and the Devas sang his praises.




Breaking the blockage of the cave leading Gopas out of the dangerous place, being praised by the Gopas and the Devas, entered his own cowherd village