Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 38

Akrura's arrival in Vrindavan


Akrura also remaining that night in the city of Mathura, mounting his chariot set off for the cowherd village of Nanda


Akrura's arrival in Vrindavan


Suka Deva continued

After the order given by Kamsa, Akrura remained that night in the city of Mathura. He set off for the cowherd village of Nanda mounting his chariot early in the morning. Travelling on the road, the greatly fortunate Akrura felt overwhelmed by the devotion he felt towards Bhagavan and started thinking about the events to happen.

‘What good works I must have performed, what austerities I must have done , what charities I must have given, what worship I must have done that I am going to see the Lord himself today. For me immersed in such material activities, I think it is difficult to get the opportunity to see the one who is described in such exalted terms. It is as though a person of lowest knowledge is allowed to chant the Vedas of the highest level. But enough of such thoughts. Even the most fallen of men can have the darshan of the Lord. After all the tide of time may pull one across the ocean of this life. Today all my sinful actions have been washed away and my birth has become fruitful, since I am going to offer my obeisance to those lotus feet, for which the Yogis spend a life time ."King Kamsa has indeed performed an act of Kindness. Being sent by him, I am able to see the Lotus feet of the Bhagavan, who has descended into this world. Persons in the past have attained the ultimate, even by sight of the toes of the cherished Lotus feet. Those are the Lotus feet which Lord Brahma, Lord Siva and all other Gods pray to. Those are the lotus feet which walk about in the forest of Vrindavan tending to the cows with his companions.”

Then Akrura started seeing auspicious signs, like the deer walking past on his right side and so on and continued his reverie.

“For certain I am going to see the beautiful cheeks and nose, the smiling glances, reddish lotus eyes, and the face of Lord Mukunda, because these deer seem to move around cicumbulating me. I am going to see the Lord Vishnu who has descended in human form to relieve this earth of her burden. Surely my eyes will achieve the purpose of their life by seeing Lord Vishnu. He is the cause of all creation and yet free of all material effects like false ego. He dispels the darkness of Maya when he bestows his glance on the people lost in this world of material concerns.

All sins are destroyed and fortune is created by the Bhagavan's qualities, activities and incarnations. The most auspicious words that describe these, they give life and make the entire universe beautiful. He has indeed descended into the clan of Satvatas to maintain the boundaries of moral duty.

Today I shall see that master, who is the destination of all in the three worlds. For those who have eyes seeing him exhibiting a form that is the shelter of Goddess of Fortune is indeed a great festivity.

As soon as I see him, I shall get down at once and bow down to the lotus feet of the Supreme personality. I shall offer my obeisance to the Lords then the Gopas and all others in Vrindavan. As I fall it his feet, the Lord will place his hand on my head. It is the hand which bestows fearlessness on people threatened by the great serpent of Time. They are those hands, into which making respectful offerings, Kaushika and Purandara attained the ruler ship of the three worlds. They are those lotus hands that removed the fatigue of Gopis by the touch in the dance ritual.

He will not develop the attitude of animosity towards me though I have been sent by Kamsa as his messenger. He is all pervading and is a witness to everything in this world. When I stand with both palms joined paying my obeisance, he will look upon me with a smile and all my sins will be destroyed, I will achieve happiness and will be freed from all doubts. The object of my worship, Bhagavan will embrace me with his arms as a friend and a relative. Having been embraced as I stand with head bowing down in respect, he will address me “Akrura, dear Uncle “and so on. Thus addressed by greatest of all persons, my birth becomes fruitful, indeed at that very moment my life purpose will be achieved.

The Lord has no favorite or otherwise, no best friend, or a hated enemy or a neglected person. He reciprocates his devotees prayers, just like the trees that give shelter to all those who approach.

Furthermore his elder brother, Balaram will also embrace me, while I stand with my head bowing down. Taking hold of my palms joined together in obeisance, he will lead me into the house. After paying respects he will enquire about Kamsa and his own family members.”

Suka Deva continued.

Thinking and meditating upon the expected events, Akrura, the son Svaphalka reached Gokul, just as the Sun was about to set for the day.

As he entered Vrindavan, Akrura saw the foot marks of Govinda, which made Vrindavan so beautiful. Delighted by the sight of those foot marks and Akrura jumped from his chariot and took the dust particles from those foot marks.

Akrura then saw Krishna and Balaram wearing yellow and blue clothes in the village of Vraja, going to milk the cows. He saw the two great souls with smiling faces and compassionate looks, wearing jeweled necklaces, garland made of flowers.

Oh King! On seeing Krishna and Balaram, Akrura jumped from the chariot, overcome with devotion, he fell at the feet of Lord Krishna, with tears streaming from his eyes. He felt such eagerness, that he could not speak or present himself.

The Supreme Lord recognizing Akrura, pulling him near, embraced him. As Akrura stood with his palms joined together, Balaram grasped his hand and led him into the house. After enquiring from Akrura whether his travel has been comfortable, Balaram bathed his feet with water in accordance with spiritual customs, respectfully offered him honey mixed with milk. After he is satisfied, Nanda asked Akrura.” oh descendant of Dasarha, how are you all living while the merciless Kamsa is alive. Indeed you are like a sheep under the care of a butcher. For a person who killed the children of his own sister, the well being of his subjects can only be a matter of conjecture”

Honored by Nanda Maharaj with these pleasing words, Akrura's fatigue melted away.



In this manner with pleasing words by Nanda Maharaj Honored, Akrura with the enquiry put aside his fatigue of the road fatigue.