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May 2 , 2015 ! Happy Labor Day !!

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Happy Labour day , the May 1st !

It just occurred to us that may be it is possible to visit Ramayana to see what the poet Valmiki would say about the "labour" . Sure enough we have comments from Rama himself in first Sarga of Yuddhakanda while commenting about the 'labour" put in by none other than Hanuman himself !. In the process Rama left a way of distinguishing between 'Uttamam" or" Outstanding" ,"Madhyamam"or "Good" and "Athamam"or "below average"! The slokas form interesting quotes and we will revert to them may be next week or earlier with a full fledged article !! Incidentally Sri Rama used word " Purushottama" for that person who performs well above the ordinary and beyond the call of duty ( out standing !). So now when we use the word "Purushottama" it only means best among all people , that is clear from the meaning itself. Using Purushottama for Krishna some how sounds inaccurate considering that he himself declared that he is an avatar of the Almighty ! With Rama though it sounds quite so appropriate and he is even called " maryada Purushottama" !!

Balakanda continues with Sarga 41 . It is the continuing saga of Sagara ! Lest we think there are too many stories it is all linked. It started off with the question of SriRama as to how Ganga is known as "Tripatha" ! The complete story of Sagara , starting from Sarga 38 is also about how finally Ganga was brought to earth by Bhagiratha to provide salvation for the dead sixty thousand sons of King Sagara !

Adityahrudayam is a well known stotra on Aditya the Sun God ! But less well known is the fact that it is the only Stotra in Ramayana . As comparison Bhagavatam has as many as seventy Stotras ! Adityahrudayam is also seen as a Upasana mantra. We pleased to bring Adityahrudayam as a page detailing the Adityahrudayam as Upasana and also presenting all the slokas of Adityahrudayam in Sanskrit, Telugu and Kannada .

So our Ramayana page now includes special pages on Adityahrudayam , Rama's birth , Rama's marriage and Sri Rama Pattabhishekam

Our plan to revamp the HTML links to minimum is now getting implemented. Now the entire Balakanda has a new look . Only Balakanda page has the links to all Sargas/chapters . Each Sarga has about five links to pages related to that Sarga only . The links on each Sarga page include the Sarga presented with slokas in Devanagari and Kannada , with slokas and meanings both in Telugu , and the Sarga content presented as a story in English and Telugu. This week we are bringing 41st Sarga of Balakanda. A visit to the 41st Sarga page tells you all about the link mentioned above.

We will gradually move to this form of simplification in adding links !

We hope to make this the norm !.

Happy Reading !

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