Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 39

Akrura's Vision


Comfortably seated on a couch, very much honored by Balaram and Krishna, he felt all the desires he contemplated on the road fulfilled.


Akrura's Vision

Suka Deva continued

Comfortably seated on a couch, very much honored by Balaram and Krishna, Akrura felt that all the desires he contemplated on the road to Vrindavan were very much fulfilled.

After the evening meals, the son of Devaki asked Akrura about the behavior of Kamsa towards his relatives and his intentions there on. He said,” Oh Uncle! Oh gentle one! Was your trip here comfortable? Are all your friends, intimate relatives and others free from unhappiness? What should I enquire about our relatives and the citizens, when the disease by the name of ‘maternal uncle', the King Kamsa is prospering? The suffering for my parents, their loss of children and the bondage too are because of me. By good fortune we have your presence here. Oh Uncle! Please tell us the reason for your coming ‘.

Thus requested Akrura described everything. The inimical attitude of Kamsa and the murder attempt on Vasudeva. He also described the message he was to deliver as the messenger of Kamsa. And he also conveyed what was said by Narad about Krishna's birth. Hearing Akrura's words, the order of Kamsa to bring Balaram and Krishna to Madura, Krishna and Balaram laughed and informed their father about the order given by King Kamsa.

Maharaj Nanda then issued orders to all Gopas to collect milk products and gifts for the king and move to Mathura the very next day. Throughout the Vraja, he announced that all of them shall attend the great festival of Bow worship.

But when the Gopis heard about the arrival of Akrura to take Krishna and Balaram to Mathura, they were distressed.

Some were grief stricken. Some did not know what was happening to them. Some Gopis stopped all their sensory functions and focused their meditation on the Lord and lost awareness of the external world, just like Yogis. They all gathered in groups, they spoke with tears on their faces with their minds fully absorbed in Govinda. They spoke of Akrura's cruelty. They spoke of their loss. With visible jealousy they spoke of the fortunes of women of Mathura and their fear that they may lose Krishna.

Gopis spoke.

‘ Oh Akrura, the one face we know surrounded with black locks, with fine cheeks and raised nose, and smile eradicating all misery, that face you are trying to make invisible, it is not good. Indeed you are cruel, though going by the name Akrura, taking away what Lord has given us.

'Oh Gopis, the son of Nanda Maharaj, breaking the loving relationship in a moment, will not look at us, who have been under his control having given up our home relatives children and husbands to serve him'.

'O Gopis, he is ever looking for new lovers. The dawn after this night is auspicious for the women of Mathura. With the master of Vraja entering Mathura, their hopes will be fulfilled'.

'O Gopis! Krishna enchanted by the sweet words of the intelligent ladies of Madura, how will he return to us the rustic women of Vraja? Today it is certain that for the eyes of Dasarha, Bhoja Andhaka, Vrishni, Satvatas clans there will be great festival, seeing the son of Devaki, the darling of the Goddess of fortune'.

'O Gopis ,such an unkind person who is taking Krishna away from us , without consoling us who are miserable, cannot be called Akrura, the one who is not cruel !'

'O Gopis! The hard hearted Krishna having mounted the chariot, with the befooled Gopas following in bullock carts, elders not caring for us, the fate is acting unfavorably indeed. Let us approach Madhava directly. What will our elders and family relatives do to us?

'Oh Gopis, the Lord Krishna, who with loving affection, attractive smiles, intimate discussions, glances and embraces brought us to the rasa dance, without him we cross over into insurmountable darkness. How can we exist without Ananta's friend Krishna, who at end of the day returns to Vraja accompanied by Lord Balaram and the other Gopas'?

Thus speaking and distraught with feelings of separation, the ladies of Vraja attached their minds to Krishna and abandoning shame the cried loudly, ‘O Govinda, O Damodar o Madhava ‘.

Even as they were crying in this manner Akrura started the chariot, having performed his morning worship. Gopas followed with gifts.

Gopis following their beloved, pleased by his glances, then stood still expecting some message. As he was leaving, the greatest of Yadus consoled them with the words “I will return” sent through a messenger. The Gopis stood still as long as the flag and the dust raised by the chariot was visible, having sent their minds racing along with Krishna.

Oh King! , the Lords Krishna and Balaram, travelling very fast arrived at the river Kalindi which destroys all sins. Lord Krishna after touching and drinking the water with his hands, moved to the chariot along with Balaram. Akrura asked the two take their seat on the chariot and then went to the pool and took his bath in the river in accordance with the prescribed rites.

Immersing himself in that water while reciting Vedic mantras, Akrura indeed saw the two, Balaram and Krishna together. Akrura thought, ‘how is that these two are here, when I left them in the chariot'. Arising from water, he saw them again on the chariot. He entered the water again to see if his vision in the water was false. Then he saw the Lords again in the water. Surrounding the Lords were Nanda, Sunanda and others including the Lords Brahma and Siva and other Devas. He was also surrounded by all Shaktis.

As the great devotee watched this in amazement he became extremely pleased. . The great devotee bowed down with his head attentively, slowly joining his hands in supplication. With words choking he offered his homage.


With words choking he offered his homage, the great devotee bowing down with his head attentively slowly joining his hands in supplication