Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 40

Akrura's Hymn

I bow down to you the cause of all causes, you are Narayana the supreme person the original and inexhaustible. From whose navel was generated a Lotus plant, from which came the lord Brahma who created the Universe


Hymn of Akrura

Suka Deva continued

Akrura pleased as he was the sight presented by the Lord then offered his prayers

“I bow down to you. You are the cause of all causes. You are Narayana, the supreme person, the original and inexhaustible from whose navel was generated a Lotus plant, from which came the Lord Brahma who created the Universe.

Oh Lord! The earth, water, fire, air, ether forming the material nature, the mind, the senses, sense objects all of which are considered as causes. All these are part of you.

Oh Lord! The elements of the creation certainly cannot know you as you are, for they are manifested in the matter. Even Brahma does not know your true identity

Oh Lord, Yogis perform the sacrifices for you, the super personality, the Iswara. You are the part of living entities; you are the material elements that constitute the body. You are the Devas that control the entities.

Oh Lord, some of the Brahmans who respect the regulations worship you by chanting mantras performing elaborate sacrifices for various gods who have various forms. Some pursuers of knowledge perform sacrifices for knowledge resigning from all activities and attain peace. They worship you, the embodiment of Knowledge. Some, whose intelligence is pure, follow the methods prescribed by you and worship filled with thought of you as of one form, yet with many forms.

Oh Lord, there are others who worship you, in the form of Lord Siva. All the Devas worship you. You are the Iswara. The devotees of all other deities are actually your devotees.

O Master! As the rivers born from the mountains filled by rains flow into the ocean, so do all these paths lead to you? I offer my obeisance to you, who are giver of knowledge to all beings, in their own way.

Oh Lord Fire is your face. Earth is your feet. Sun is your sight. Sky is your navel. The directions are your ears. Celestials are your arms. The ocean is your abdomen. The air is the vital energy. The trees and plants are your hair. The clouds are your locks. The mountains are the bones. Your wink is the night and day. The Prajapati is your organ, and the rain the semen.

Oh Lord whatever forms you take to for the sake of this world these forms cleanse away all the unhappiness of those who chant your glories.

Obeisance to the original cause of creation. Obeisance to the one who appeared as a Lord Matsya. Obeisance to Lord Hayagriva, Obeisance to the Lord Kurma, Obeisance to the Lord Varaha ‘

Obeisance to you, the Lord Narasimha, Obeisance to you the Lord Vamana,

Obeisance to the son of Vasudeva and obeisance to the Lord Sankarshana

Obeisance to Pradyumna, Anirudda, and the master of Satvatas

Obeisance to Lord Buddha, who will bewilder the Daityas and Danavas

Obeisance to Lord Kalki.

‘Bhagavan, the living beings deceived by illusion involved in false concepts of “I” and “me” are wandering along paths of fruitless work. Oh Almighty, I too am deluded by in this way. Just as one who is not intelligent overlooks a body of water covered by vegetation growing in it chasing a mirage, so I have turned away from you. My strength is so crippled that I cannot curb my mind.

Being thus fallen I am approaching your lotus feet for shelter.

Obeisance to the absolute knowledge.

Obeisance to the source of all knowledge.

Obeisance to the person controlling the sources of knowledge.

Obeisance to son of Vasudeva, who resides in all beings, Obeisance to Hrishikesa .O Prabho protect me who has surrendered to you.



Obeisance to son of Vasudeva, the residence of all beings, obeisance to Hrishikesa, O Prabho protect me who has surrendered to you