Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 41

Krishna and Balaram enter Mathura

While Akrura was still praying, having him shown him his original form in the waters of Kalindi, the Lord again withdrew like an actor doing his performance


Krishna and Balaram Enter Mathura

Suka Deva continued

While Akrura was still praying in the waters of Kalindi, having him shown him his original form, the Lord again withdrew the same like an actor performing his act. Akrura also seeing that the form has disappeared came out of the water completing his rituals. He then returned to the chariot full of surprise.

Looking at the expression of astonishment on the face of Akrura, Krishna asked him smilingly whether he has seen something wonderful in the water on the earth or in the sky. Akrura replied, ‘Oh Lord, whatever wonderful things are there in the water or the earth or in the sky, all of them are part of you, who comprise of everything. What is not seen by me when I am seeing you? And now that I am seeing you, who comprise of everything, what other amazing things can I see in the world?

With these words, Akrura drove the chariot forward and arrived in Mathura by the evening

On the road the people of the villages seeing the two sons of Vasudeva could not take their eyes off them, and were very happy and delighted,

Nanda Maharaj and other Gopas, having reached a garden in the city of Mathura, stopped there waiting for Akrura's chariot carrying Krishna and Balaram. After meeting Nanda and the other Gopas at the garden, Krishna took the hands of Akrura in his hands and said to him with a smile,” You should now enter the city ahead of us and go home. We will get down here and shall see the city tomorrow.”

Akrura said,” O master! , I cannot enter the city without you two. O Lord, you shall not abandon your devotee. You always have affection for your devotees. Come let us go to my house. Oh Lord, please make it to my house with your elder brother and other Gopas. Please purify our home with the dust of your feet. We are tied to the pursuit of house hold rites. We will be purified and all our ancestors will be satiated along with Devas. By washing your two feet, King Bali achieved power that is unequalled and even attained the final destination. The waters of Ganga, flowing through the feet of the Lord purified the three worlds and Lord Siva took it on his head, and by the same waters grace King Sagara attained heaven.

Oh Lord of the Lords, whose glories are most pious for chanting, I offer you my Obeisance.

Oh Lord Narayana, I offer you my obeisance ‘.

Then to set Akrura's feelings at rest, Bhagavan said,” Akrura I will come to your house with my elder brother. But I must first satisfy my circle of Yadus and all other well wishers by killing Kamsa”. Thus addressed by Bhagavan, Akrura somewhat disheartened, entered the city and informed Kamsa about the completion of his activity and returned to his house.

Then in the afternoon the Lord Krishna together with Lord Balaram and other Gopas entered the city of Mathura.

The Lord saw the city of Mathura with its high gates, tall buildings and enchanting houses with the entrances decorated with crystals. Further beautifying the city are the pleasant gardens and parks with innumerable water bodies.

Oh King when the sons of Vasudeva entered the city through the main thoroughfare, the city women in their excitement and haste to see them climbed the tops of their houses to get a full view.

In their hurry some women wore clothes backwards. Some put on ornaments with only one of a pair leaving the other in hurry. Some wore one of the earrings only. Those who were eating came amid way. Astonishingly those who were bathing came midway too. Those who were feeding left the infants and came to see the Lord of Vrindavan.

The lotus eyed Lord, robed the minds of all those with his smiling face and dignified and sportive actions.

O King, having already heard about his exploits, their minds was already absorbed in him. Now seeing him before their eyes they quickly embraced his blissful form as it appeared in their hearts. Standing on the roofs of their homes, with faces blooming with joy, the women of Mathura rained flowers on the two. On the way they were offered ceremonial welcome at several places, with curds, cereals and other gifts.

The citizens of Mathura witnessing the scene spoke saying, ‘what great austerities must have been performed by the Gopis of Vrindavan to have had the privilege of seeing these two , whose sight provides a feast to all faculties of the human being .

Along the way approaching a certain washer man engaged in dyeing, the Lord requested for the best garments he can offer. The Lord asked the washer man,” Pl gives us suitable superior clothes, which we deserve. It will be good to you “. Though asked for by the Bhagavan respectfully, the washer man, proud of being the employee of the King said insultingly, ‘O fool, this kind of clothes is not for people who wander in the hills and forests. These are king's possessions .Go quickly. Do not beg like this. If you are too bold the servants of the kings will tie you up, loot your possessions or even kill “.

Having been abused as above by the washer man, the son of Devaki separated his head from his body with his fingers. The royal washer man's assistants threw away the clothes and ran away in all directions down the road. Then Krishna took possession of all the clothes. Krishna and Ram selected the clothes they liked and gave the rest to other Gopas. Some were left behind on the spot

Suka Deva continued

Then a friendly weaver made some garments with cloths of different colors and designs.

Rama and Krishna now dressed in new clothes shone like two young elephants of white and blue complexion, nicely decorated for the great festival. Being very much pleased with the weaver the Lord gave him, “sarupya mukti” blessing him with great wealth and strength of the rest of his life

Next they went to the house of Sudama, the garland maker. Seeing them he got up from his seat and made prostrations. He made them sit on a pedestal, washed their feet, and honored them with wreaths, betel nuts, and other ingredients of worship.

Then he said, “O Lord by your visit, our birth is now sanctified. My forefathers, and the related Devas and the great Sages have been propitiated. You are the ultimate cause of the universe. For the good of the world, a part of that divinity has been born as you two. To you who are all inclusive Bhagavan, to whom all are alike, being a friend to all, no partiality can be attached even if you favor those who worship you. Command me, your humble servant, what can I do for you. It will indeed be a blessing for any man to do as you wish.'

So saying he presented the Lord Garland made of select flowers noted for their fragrance.

Rama and Krishna together with their followers decorated themselves and with these garlands, and gave as boons all his requirements to Sudama who prostrated him before them.

Sudama chose as boons, the firm and unflinching devotion to Bhagavan and friendship to all Lords devotees and kindness to all creatures.

They granted him those boons


Thus giving him the boons, and his expanding family riches, strength, fame, beauty, he left with his elder brother