Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 42

Breaking of the Celestial Bow !


Kamsa surrounded by his ministers sat on the Kings throne situated in the middle of the regional leaders, with his heart trembling


Breaking of the celestial Bow

Suka Deva continued

As Krishna moved along the king's way, he came across a young and beautiful woman with a crooked back holding a vessel full of ointments for the body. Krishna asked to her with smile. ” Please tell me who you are and for whom are you taking these ointments? Please give us some and it will result in good for you before long “

The woman said,” O handsome man, I am a servant of Kamsa, named Trivakra, employed for my skill in applying the ointment. The king of Bhoja likes my work immensely. To whom else will I give if not for you who deserve the same! Seeing the beautiful form, sweetness, the smiles, the speech and the glances, very much attracted, she gave both of them the ointments. With the different color of the ointments applied to their bodies, both Rama and Krishna shone brilliantly.

Bhagavan very much pleased with Trivakra wanted show her fruits of her good deeds immediately by removing her disability. Pressing her toes with his feet, holding her chin with his two fingers, the Lord lifted her face and straightened her body. With the touch of Krishna she was immediately transformed into a beautiful woman. With her back straightened all parts of her body were equally developed. Then having been provided with a beautiful form and other qualities, pulling up her upper garment, smiling with exuberance of Love Trivakra said to Kesava, 'Hey Warrior, come to my house. I cannot go without you. My heart has been touched by you ‘.

Having been requested by the woman while Balaram was looking on, and looking at the faces of all his followers, Krishna said with a laugh,” After I have accomplished the tasks which I came here for I shall come to your house. Your house is a place for men to be free from worries. Indeed you are the best refuse for us homeless travelers...

Having freed himself from that woman, Krishna moved along the Kingsway receiving greetings from various people. The women who met him were so much lost in looking at him that they themselves looked like people in a painting.

After enquiring Krishna and Balaram found the place where the celestial bow is kept and. Krishna then entered the hall and saw the bow which is as wonderful as the bow of Indra. Krishna approached the bow, protected by many guards. Even as the guards were trying to prevent him, the Lord took the bow with a smile. He lifted the bow with his left hand as in a play and pulled it taut with his right hand, and with one twang the bow broke it into two pieces.

The sound of the breaking bow spread in all directions. Hearing the same Kamsa trembled in fear

The guards deployed for protecting the bow took up arms, and surrounded Krishna saying “capture him, kill him” and so on. Krishna and Rama , seeing the guards advancing in threatening manner took up the two halves of bow and started beating them up. They also killed the reinforcement sent by Kamsa and then left the area moved on to see the rest of city.

The people who watched the amazing deeds of the two with their prowess, self confidence and beauty took them up to be divinities. At the time of departure of Lord Mukunda from Vraja, the Gopis of Vrindavan spoke of the bliss residents of Mathura would enjoy and that prediction came true with the residents of Mathura gazing upon him in amazement. As they strolled about the evening approached and the Krishna and Balaram along with other Gopas returned to the garden in the outskirts of the city. Then they washed their feet and took their evening meals and spent the night comfortably well aware of the plans of their uncle Kamsa.

But Kamsa, hearing about the breaking of the celestial bow and the killing of his army by the Govinda and Balaram and being afraid of the future was wide awake for long time thinking about Krishna. Awake and asleep, in both states he saw many bad omens and messengers of death. Awake and asleep in both states he was seeing Krishna, his nemesis.

O King! The night having passed, and the sun having risen, Kamsa set about getting ready for the sport of the wrestlers .The kings men worshipped the arena, as the musical instruments played on. The viewing platforms were all decorated with flags and garlands. The city dwellers and the other people led by Brahmans and Kshatriayas came and sat on the platforms. The other kings were given special seats.

Kamsa , with his heart trembling , surrounded by his ministers sat on the Kings throne situated in the middle and surrounded by the regional leaders . As the musical instruments were being played, the lavishly dressed wrestlers entered along with their instructors and sat down. The wrestlers Chanura, Mushtika, Kura, Sala, and Tosala also sat down, while the music played on.

Nanda and other Gopas also, having been summoned by King of Bhojas, presented their offerings to the Kings. Then they sat down in one of the viewing galleries.




Nanda and other Gopas , having been summoned by King of Bhojas , having presented their offerings they sat down in one of the viewing galleries