Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 44

Killing of Kamsa

Thus fixing his goal, Bhagavan Madhusudana then confronted Chanura, Rohini's son took on Mushtika


Killing of Kamsa

 Suka Deva continued

Thus addressed Krishna fixing his goal in mind accepted the challenge of Chanura and confronted him and Balaram took on Mushtika

In the fight their hands locked with hands. Their legs locked with legs. As they paired off with each other they were trying to get the better off the other. The wrestling continued with fist meeting the fist, chest tackling the chest and head meeting the head. Wheeling the other around, shoving, carrying them above and throwing the other on the ground each was trying to get the better of the other.

Oh King, all the women present were seeing the fight as one between a strong and weak. Feeling compassion they said to one other. “This fight between strong and weak persons is a great injustice on the part of those present, with King himself looking on. It is unequal indeed. Where are these wrestlers with lightning strength looking like chief of mountains, and where are these young boys with tender bodies.”

“This assembly is certainly charged with breach of Dharma, and where the breach of Dharma is happening, there one should not stay. Learned people will not enter an assembly that breaches Dharma. Not speaking or speaking wrongly or even acting ignorant in such cases, one shares the sins flowing out of such event. Look at the face of Krishna, like lotus with drops of water in it, his face shines with drops of sweat as he goes around the wrestler. Don't you see the face of Balaram with eyes looking angry, wrestling with Mushtika, yet brightened with a smile?”

“The land of Vraja is indeed sacred with Krishna adorned with garlands of wild flowers, playing on the flute and tending to the cows, and moving around with his brother Balaram. Indeed these are epoch making people hidden in the human form. What austerities the Gopis must have performed, for the benefit of having the essence of unparalleled loveliness to look at. That form of the Lord is only abode of fame, wealth and beauty which is perfect. These ladies of Vraja, being ever absorbed and in love with Krishna are the most blessed, with their minds always fixed on Him and ever singing his glories. While going out of Vraja in the morning or returning in the evening, these Gopis, alerted by the Flute are drawn out to see the smiling enchanting face of Lord Krishna. Indeed they are the most fortunate of the fortunate.”

Hearing these words of women, the parents of young men Vasudeva and Devaki were overwhelmed with concern, not knowing the strength of the Lord.

Suka Deva continued.

O King! , while the women were talking like this, Bhagavan has decided in his mind to kill Chanura.

Achyuta and the Chanura wrestled using different techniques according to the laws of the game, so did Balaram and Mushtika. Chanura was exhausted with the powerful blows of Krishna. But recovering the furious Chanura attacked Krishna with a series of blows. Unaffected by those blows, very much like an elephant hit with wreath Krishna caught him by his arms, whirling him around in the air, struck him to the ground . With life almost gone he was like an effigy pulled down.

At the same time, Mushtika too after throwing a few blows was hit by Balaram and fell dead.

Then the wrestler named Kuta came out challenging Balaram, who dispatched him with ease using his left hand. Then came Sala who was crushed by the feet of Krishna. He was followed by Tosala who was split in to two also by Krishna. When Chanura, Mushtika, Kuta, Sala, Tosala were all destroyed by the Krishna and Balaram, the remaining wrestlers ran away for fear of life.

Balaram and Krishna, then fetched all of their fellow Gopas, and danced in the arena with the accompaniment of musical instrument and sounds of the resounding ankle bells. All people except Kamsa rejoiced at deeds of Krishna and Balaram. The best of Brahmans exclaimed,” very good indeed “!

When all the best of wrestlers were dead and all others fled, Kamsa ordered the trumpets to stop and gave the following command. ” Expel these two sons of Vasudeva. Confiscate the money of the Gopas. Arrest the evil minded Nanda. Vasudeva, the wicked one must be killed immediately, so is my father Ugrasena who always favors the others. “

While the enraged Kamsa was giving those orders, Krishna with one leap reached the high dais on which Kamsa was seated. Seeing Krishna jumping up, thinking death is coming, Kamsa took a sword and shield to resist Krishna. While Kamsa wielding sword was swaying to the left and the right in the sky, Krishna grasped him with force like Garuda catches a snake. Holding Kamsa by his tuft, from which his crown fell, Krishna threw him down into the arena from that dais, and jumped on him from the above pummeling him to death. Then Krishna dragged Kamsa's body up and down in the arena, and all the spectators shouted in amazement

Kamsa was always seeing the form of the Lord with discus in his hand, whether, drinking, eating, walking or sleeping. Finally he got merged in to that form which he was seeing all the time out of terror.

Then Kamsa's eight younger brothers headed by Kanka and Nyagrodha and others, infuriated with the death of their elder came forward to avenge his death. Balaram, the son of Rohini wielding the tusk of an elephant, beat them up like the king of Animals would to the other animals.

The drums blared in heaven; Lord Brahma and other were overjoyed and rained flowers in praise of the Lord and the celestials danced in the skies.

The women of the King Kamsa and his brothers now approached the dead in uncontrollable grief beating their chests. Embracing the dead bodies the women wailed loudly. ‘Oh Lord! O dear one! By your death we and our home are destroyed. Without you, the city is also without its leader like us. You have committed violence on innocent beings. So you have come to this condition. Who can prosper inflicting pain on others? He is certainly the origin of all living beings. He is the one who makes one appear, disappear and maintain. One who disrespects him cannot prosper.” After consoling the wives of the King, the Lord who is the protector of all the three worlds had the last rites performed for all the dead.

Then having freed their father and mother from the prison, Balaram and Krishna saluted them by touching their feet with their heads. Devaki and Vasudeva recognizing them to be the supreme one did not embrace him struck by the thought.


Devaki and Vasudev recognizing the two as the two Lords of the Universe , paying full respects with folded hands , did not embrace being apprehensive.