Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 46

Uddhava at Vraja

The best adviser among Vrishnis , Krishna's close friend , the disciple of Brihaspati , having most intelligence is Uddhava


Uddhava at Vraja

Suka Deva Continued

The best adviser among Vrishnis , Krishna's close friend , the disciple of Brihaspati , having most intelligence is Uddhava . Krishna one day called Uddhava and taking his hands into his hand emphasizing his intimacy spoke to him . “ Uddhava , you please go to Vraja , give our love to parents and enquire about the welfare of all gopas. Give my message to the Gopis afflicted by my separation. Having given up everything for my sake , they have their minds fixed on me taking me as their my beloved. I protect them. With me being faraway those Gopis are overwhelmed by love . They are barely holding on to their lives some how because of the promises made by me .”

Spoken to in this manner , respectfully taking the message of his master , Uddhava immediately left for Nanda's Gokul . Uddhva reached Nanda's Gokul in the evening when the sun was setting . It was the time when all cows and cowherds were returning . Uddhava could see Gopas and Gopis everywhere. Knowing that Uddhava , a close friend of Krishna has arrived , Maharaj Nanda received him like Krishna himself by embracing him. Uddhava was fed with excellent food. The fatigue of his feet was relieved by massaging , and he was seated on a comfortable bed .

Then Nanda asked him.

” Oh Great man, is the son of King Surasena now free , living happily with his children and friends. Fortunately Kamsa along with his followers has been killed by his own sins. He always hated the Yadus the pious followers of Dharma. Hope Krishna remembers us, his mother, his followers, other Gopas, the cows, the hills and the Vrindavan in which he was the King. Hope Govinda comes back once to see all of us, so that we have the opportunity of seeing him. We have been saved by him from the forest fire, wind, rain and evil ones like the Kalia, the Vrishabhasura. Remembering the Glories of Krishna we forget our work even. I think Krishna and Balaram are Devas born on this planet with a great purpose. Indeed that is what Gargamuni said. Kamsa having strength of ten thousand elephants, Chanura, Mushtika, and the elephant Kuvalayapida have been killed by these two as if it were a game. He broke the Bow of Indra . With one hand he held up Govardhan mountain to protect all of us. He also killed demons Pralamba Dhenuka, Arishta, Trinavarta and Baka and others.”

Remembering the deeds of Krishna repeatedly in this manner, Nanda was overwhelmed with Love and fell silent. Yashoda who was listening to these stories too became overwhelmed with pure love and a torrent of tears flowed from her eyes. Clearly seeing the loving attraction of Yashoda and Nanda Maharaj for the Supreme Lord, Uddhava spoke with joy.

“ Oh most respectful one, for certain you two are the most praise worthy embodied living beings in this world, with your mind fixed on Narayana. These two, Balaram and Krishna are like the seed and the womb of the universe. They are the Purusha who created the universe and they are part of all living beings. In the last moments of his life if ever a person remembers the Lord, all his sins are washed away and he attains the permanent bliss. To that supreme being in the human form, Oh Nanda, you two have rendered exceptional service. Indeed, what service is left for you to perform? Krishna will return before long to Vraja and he, the supreme Lord and protector, will give satisfaction to all his devotees. After killing Kamsa in the arena, he spoke to you. That he will make it come true. Oh Great Souls, do not grieve. You will see Krishna soon. Indeed for him there is no one dear or not dear. For him no body is superior or inferior. He is free from all desire and yet respects all. He has no mother, no father, no wife or sons , no one is his own and none is not his own. He has neither birth nor death. He has no karma binding him to this life. For the sake of his devotees, to protect whom, he takes birth of his own free will. He accepts the three modes of nature the goodness , the passion and the ignorance as part of his play, though he is beyond them. Just like the person whirling around feel that the earth is whirling around him, the one with false ego thinks he is doing when it is His mind that is acting.

O King ! Bhagavan is not only your son. He is son of all and even the mother and father too. There is nothing seen or heard, in present or future, stationary or mobile, large or small, that can be named that exist independent of Lord Achyuta the Supreme One. “

Suka Deva continued . “ O king as they were speaking in this way the night ended “.

It was only in the morning, after Sun has arisen that Gopis noticed the chariot of Uddhava standing near Nanda's house . For a moment they thought Akrura , the one who has taken away Krishna and Balarama has come again . They never had a kind thought for Akrura.

Then the Gopis saw Uddhava.


Has Akrura, the executor of Kamsa's needs, come again ?. He has taken Krishna, the Lotus eyed to Mathura !