Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 48

Krishna Visiting Trivikra and Akrura

Then the Lord knowing everything remembering the lovelorn invitation of the courtesan resolved to please her and went to her house


Krishna visiting Trivakra and Akrura

Suka Deva Continued

Then the Lord remembering the lovelorn invitation of the courtesan Trivakra, resolved to please her and went to her house

Trivakra's house was furnished with expensive decorations, seating arrangements, canopies, as well as other elements that create aroma and sensual desire. Seeing the arrival of Lord, Trivakra got up and came forward to welcome the Lord. She honored Uddhava also by offering him a seat. But Uddhava merely touched the same as token of acceptance and sat on the floor. Lord Krishna as expected of a man of experience moved on to the couch .

Trivakra made herself attractive by bathing, application of Sandal wood paste , dressing in fine garments, ornaments, garlands of flowers, perfumes, chewing betel nut and drinking sweet wine. Then she approached Madhava with shy playful smiles and glances yet showing some hesitation. Inviting Trivakra and making her sit by his side on the bed, the Lord took her hands wearing bracelets in his hands demonstrating his intimacy. Indeed all of this in return for the little merit of receiving the ointment from her.

By smelling and applying the feet of the Lord to her bosom, and her eyes , Trivakra assuaged the distress caused by her love. Then Trivakra placing her lover, who is none other than the Supreme Lord , in her bosom and embracing him she got relief from the heat of Love she was experiencing. Thus having obtained the unobtainable Lord of the world , for the simple act of offering the ointments , the woman begged the Lord . “Oh beloved , you must stay some more days with me and take pleasure, O lotus eyed one I cannot tolerate giving up this association“. The Lord who gives respect to others showing her also respect, granted her wishes . Then Krishna returned along with Uddhava to his abode .

Indeed obtaining that which is most difficult to obtain, if one is asking for that which is most easily available , then that person is indeed of poor intelligence.

Suka Deva continued

The Lord went to the palace of Akrura with Balaram and Uddhava, desiring to please him, and also wanting to have some work done .

Seeing them coming from a distance, Akrura was delighted. He got up and received them with an embrace. Then he prostrated himself before Balaram and Krishna, and offered them seats and worshiped according to the scriptures. He washed the feet of the Lord with water, and sprinkled the water on his head . He worshipped them by offering sandalwood paste and flowers . Then he sat down near the feet of the Lord . Taking the Lord's feet into his lap , he began to stroke them . Then he spoke with humility to the Lord .

“ By good fortune the sinful Kamsa together with his followers have been killed by you, and the Yadu dynasty has been delivered from endless difficulties and made prosperous. You two are the Supreme ones and constitute the cause and effect in the whole world. Without you there is no cause and no effect also . This universe is created by you. Subsequently entering this universe with your own energies you are perceived in many ways by hearing from scriptures. Just as all elements subsist in their elemental form in all beings mobile and immobile, you the Supreme Soul appear to in many ways among all the objects of your creation . You create , you protect and then you destroy the Universe with your energy. Yet the three modes of behavior the goodness, the passion, and the ignorance do not affect you since you are the original source of all knowledge. It has not been determined that you have a material body. Hence you have neither birth nor the death . Therefore you have no bondage or liberation . If they occur it is by your desire . You enunciated for the benefit of the universe the righteous path of the Vedic scriptures . Whenever the righteous path is obstructed by the wicked people who follow the path of atheism , at that time you assume the pure mode of goodness to set right the evil” .

“ Oh Lord now you have descended in the home of Vasudeva along with Balaram in order to relieve the burden of this earth by destroying the vast armies of Asuras and enhance the fame of the clan of Yadus”

“Oh Lord ! our residence is extremely fortunate. For today it has the good fortune of having as its guest the Supreme Lord, who is the embodiment of all divinities , the forefathers , and all living beings. Indeed the waters flowing from the lotus feet of the Supreme one sanctifies the whole world and today those feet sanctified my home.”

“ Oh Lord which wise man will seek shelter elsewhere other than you when you are so affectionate and so loving to the devotees. Not only you grant the wishes, you even offer yourself too”.

“ Oh Janardana , it is indeed the height of our good fortune that we are able to see you here . Your association is the one not attainable even by great Yogis. Pl quickly detach that illusory cord of attachment for son, wife, wealth ,elders , house and body and offer me liberation ! “.

When Akrura thus worshipped and praised him, Krishna addressed him with a smile and with words which were meant to win him over .

“ Akrura , you are always our Guru, paternal uncle, praiseworthy friend and a relative. On the other hand we are your dependents to be protected and shown compassion . Most eminent persons like you are worthy of being worshiped by persons who desire highest good in life . Even Gods are concerned with their own interests and not so the saintly persons. It is not that holy waters are not purifying , nor that the divine images made of mud or earth are not sacred , they purify the soul over a period of time . But the holy persons purify by just being seen “.

“Among our people you are the very best. Please go to Hastinapura to know the welfare of Pandavas. We have heard that when Pandu died , his family was brought to Hastinapura by the King Dhritarashta, and they have been there since. The King whose mind is wretched, is not equally disposed towards the sons of his brother. The King whose vision is blinded is under the control of his evil sons . Please go to Hastinapura, ascertain if the treatment of his nephews is proper or not .After knowing that we shall do what is good for the dear ones “.

After fully instructing Akrura, Lord Krishna returned to his place along with Uddhava and Balaram.


After giving directions to Akrura , the lord returned to his abode with Uddhava and Balaram