Valmiki Sundarakanda !!!

An abridged rendering.

A sublime experience !!

Reading Sundarakanda is a sublime experience for those who are already into it. For others its popularity is a mystery. We have put together this page for those who are curious about Sundarakanda. We have a chapter wise linked summary to straight away move to their point interest. We have also listed chapters separately . We have also listed all Sundarakanda related articles published in independent of the Chapters. This is for your reading pleasure.

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Sundarakanda : It is a time less story read a million times in a million houses and will continue to be read by millions as indeed we ourselves do !!

Sundarakanda is a story of single minded pursuit ! It is a story which converts a mood of despondency to a mood of optimism and hope ! The mood at the end of Kishkindha kanda in Ramayana was of despondency of Vanaras as well as Rama too. By the end of Sundarakanda there is hope ! It is a story with many highs and lows in the moods of the chief protagonist Hanuman. But he , the Hanuman, never wavers from his objective ! That is probably the most important lesson for all !

It is a story that can convert a non believer into a believer !

We started on this 68 week celebration of one chapter of Sundarakanda every week, way back in in July 2012 on Guru purnima day ! This attempt was more like a Sundarakanda Yagnyam - सुंदरकांड यज्ञ / సుందరకాండ యజ్ఞం / - or put in another way a celebration of Sundarakanda ! The 68 Chapters have been completed with the October 18th 2013 Issue of ! With that our Sundarakanda Yagnyam too is completed. We also have the traditional Ramapattabhisheka too in Telugu and Kannada for the pleasure of our readers !

While presenting Sundarakanda chapter wise, we also had a few articles separately presented under Ramayana pages or under One more thing pages !

We thought of consolidating all articles related to Sundarakanda on one page for ease of access for the readers.

Here we are also listing all other articles which appeared over the last three years on the pages of .

Some of the articles with links are as follows :

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Sundarakanda Parayana; 40 day parayana

Sundarakanda Parayana; 68 day parayana

The story of "My Sundarakanda"

Sagara Saagara and Mainaka

Battle with Surasa

Questions Questions and more Questions !!

In the thick of Battle; Jambavan's Question !

Going to Forests

In Praise of Hanuman Pt 2

In Praise of Hanuman Pt 1

Walking away !! - a difficult task !

Jayamantram and Management styles


Sankshipta Valmiki Sundarakanda in Sanskrit ||संस्कृतं ||

Sankshipta Valmiki Sundarakanda in Telugu ||తెలుగు ||

Sankshipta Valmiki Sundarakanda in Kannada ||ಕನ್ನಡ ||

Sankshipta Valmiki Sundarakanda in Malayalam ||മലയാളം ||

Sundarakanda Katha in Telugu ||తెలుగు ||