Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 51

Deliverance of Muchukunda

Saw him come out as if the moon has come out, the most beautiful to behold, the dark blue colored, wearing an yellow silk garment


Deliverance of Machakunda

Suka Deva continued

Kalayavana saw Krishna coming out of Mathura like the rising Moon. The Lord was most beautiful to behold with his dark blue complexion, yellow silk garment bearing the marks of Srivatsa and the Kaustubha jewel around his neck possessing four powerful arms.

The divine form struck Kalayavana too and he immediately felt,” He has Srivatsa mark, he has four arms, lotus like eyes, wears floral garlands. He possesses the characteristics mentioned by Sage Narad. He is without any weapon and he is walking on foot .So I too shall fight him without weapons”. Thus having decided, he followed the Lord who seemed to be fleeing with his face turned away. Seemingly within reach at every step , Lord brought the Yavan far away to a mountain cave , even as the Yavan was trying to insult the Lord saying “ Having been born into Yadu family it is not proper for you to run away “. Following the Lord, Kalayavana also entered the cave. There he saw a person sleeping on the floor. Thinking that the person sleeping is Lord Krishna, he struck him with his foot. Waking up after a long time from his sleep, the person slowly opened his eyes and his gaze fell on Kalayavana. The heat generated by the glance of that man woken up from sleep, burnt Kalayavana in a moment. O King thus Kalayavana was burnt to ashes.

Then King asked Suka Deva:

“Oh Brahman please tell me. What is the name of that person, what were his powers, why did he enter the cave and sleep there? What happened to him thereafter? O Brahman please tells me the complete story”.

Suka Deva Continued

“He is from the line of Ikshvaakus. He is the son of Mandhaata. He goes by the name Machukunda. And he is devoted to truth. He was requested by Devas headed by Indra to provide for protection from the demons. And he carried out the request for a very long time. After obtaining Guha as the protector of the heavens, Devas told Machakunda that he can relax from the duty of protecting them. They said, “Leaving the world of men, and a kingdom too, o Valiant one, and even neglecting your own desires you were engaged in protecting us. Your children, queens, relatives, and even your ministers and the other people associated with you are no longer alive. They were swept away by the tide of Time. The Time more powerful than the most powerful is the Supreme Being. He moves the mortals, like the herdsman moves the animals. Choose your wish except liberation which is granted only by the Supreme Lord. All good shall happen to you”.

Thus addressed, Machukunda chose sleep as the boon. Then he took leave of the Devas and went to the cave to enjoy the sleep granted by the Devas as his boon. Having granted the wish, the Devas added that if any foolish man wakes Machakunda from his sleep in the middle , he will be reduced to ashes as soon as Machakunda's gaze falls on that person “

After the Yavan was reduced to ashes, Lord Krishna revealed himself Machukunda.

Machukunda saw before him the divine form of the Lord – blue in complexion like rain cloud, wearing yellow silk garment, having Srivatsa mark on his fore head, wearing Kausthubha jewel in his neck adorned with a garland of Vyjayanthi flowers. Overpowered by the splendor of the form of the Supreme Lord, the intelligent king, with considerable hesitation arising from that awe inspiring form addressed the Lord.

“Who are you with me here in this mountain cave, walking bare with feet as tender as Lotus flowers in the cave full of thorns? Are you the embodiment of splendor of all beings, the Sun, the Moon, Indra, or the ruler of Planets?

I consider thee to be Mahavishnu”.

“Oh Great one, if it pleases, please tell me who you are, your birth, your ancestry, your activity and so on. We on the other hand are from the line of Ikshvaakus. My name is Machukunda, son of Yuvanasva. Extremely tired of long spells I have been sleeping in this solitary cave with all my senses completely dissolved in sleep. Now some one has come and woke me up. That very person turned to ashes indeed by his own sinful past. After that you have appeared in front of me. Oh Great one I am overwhelmed by your splendor. I have not been able to even look at you. O Great one you are to be honored by all embodied beings “.

Thus spoken to by the King, Bhagavan, smiled and replied to him

“O! Dear one, births, deaths and names are there in thousands for me. They cannot be enumerated because of having no limit. After many lifetimes one may count particles of dust on the earth, but not my births, qualities and the names. The great rishis enumerate my births in the past, present and future has but never reaches the end of such narration”.

But O Friend, about the present let me elaborate. Requested by Lord Brahma to protect the religious principles and destroy the demons that are a burden to the earth, I descended in the Yadu dynasty in the home of Anakadundhibhi, also called Vasudeva. Being son of Vasudeva, people also call me Vaasudeva. I have killed Kamsa who is Kalanemi himself. I have also killed Pralamba and others who are enemies of pious people. This Yavan has been burnt by your sharp glance. Being pleased to please you, I have come to this cave. O Saintly one, choose benediction from me. I shall give you all desirable things.”

Addressed like this Machakunda, knowing him to be Narayana according the words of Gargamuni, prostrated himself and spoke with joy.

“Oh Lord, people of this world are bewildered by your Maya. Not realizing the benefit of worship, they are lost in the things that cause happiness and misery. Even after obtaining the difficult to obtain human form of life, he does not worship your lotus feet and is lost in the impure mentality of home like an animal falling into a blind well. Oh Unconquerable one! I have wasted time in the intoxication of kingdom , children, wives , treasury and Land . They are all now gone. Surrounded by chariots elephants horses and men, I travelled around with false identification of being God among men. O Lord !, man having conquered all directions , resolving all conflicts and sitting on a throne , receives the praise of all who were his equals. But when he enters his home and its sex pleasures, he is led about like a pet animal .A King obtains great powers than he has, only by observing his duty and carefully practicing austerity foregoing sensual enjoyment. .”

“My Lord, I think you have shown me mercy since my attachment to kingdom has ceased. Therefore I am approaching you only for shelter”.

Bhagavan said, “O Emperor! Great ruler ! , though I enticed you with benedictions your mind was not taken over by material desires . Please know that I enticed you to prove that a true devotee is never deceived by material blessings. The non devotees who engage in Pranayama and yoga and other practices, for them the traces of material desires in the mind are not eliminated. It is only by worship they get freedom. Wander this earth at will, with your mind fixed in me. May you always possess such unfailing devotion for me? O King In the birth immediately following, being a supreme well wisher of all beings you will become a Brahman and you will approach me alone”.

Thus graced By Lord Krishna , Machukunda , the descendant of Ikshvaakus circumbulating the Lord and prostrating went out of the cave .Noticing that there is dwarfing of all entities he realized that the age of Kali is starting , he moved to North. Having full of faith in austerities, detached from material associations, freed of doubts he came to Gandhamadana mountain .The he arrived at Badarikaasrama the abode of Nara Naraayana. Three he spent his time in austerities tolerating dualities

Suka Deva continued

Lord Krishna also returned from the cave back to the city surrounded by Yavans. Killing all the Yavans, he brought their wealth to Dwaraka. As the wealth was being carried buy oxen drawn carts, Jarasandha again attacked with another twenty three Akshahaunis of army. Seeing the fierce waves of the enemies the two Lords ran away much like the human counter parts. Seeing them in flight Jarasandha laughed loudly and pursued them. After running a long distance Krishna and Balaram got on to a mountain. Being aware that they are on the mountain and yet not finding them Jarasandha set the mountain on fire. Unseen by the enemies Krishna and Balaram jumped from the cliff and returned to Dwaraka which has ocean as protective moat. Thinking that the two brothers are dead, Jarasandha withdrew his army to Magadha.


In the birth immediately following, being supreme well wisher of all beings you will become a Brahman and you will approach me alone.