Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 52

Rukmini's message

O best of Kurus, Bhagavan Govinda also married Rukmini, the daughter of King Bhismaka, the goddess of fortune in a Svayamvar


Rukmini's message.

Suka Deva continued .

“O best of Kurus, as ordained by Lord Brahma, the ruler of Anarta by name Raivat gave his daughter Revati in marriage to Balaram. And Lord Krishna married Rukmini, the daughter of King Bhismaka, who is the goddess of fortune in a Svayamvar. The Lord did this according to her wishes and in the process defeated all kings who took the side of Sisupala, the King of Chedi who was promised Rukminis hand. Indeed Krishna took Rukmini just as all of them looked on”.

The King asked Suka Deva:

“Oh Brahman, I heard that the Bhagavan married Rukmini the daughter of King Bhismaka by a method called Rakshasa. O Lord I want to hear how Lord Krishna took away the bride defeating the King of Magadha and Salva. I am keen to hear all that can be heard about the exploits of Govinda”

Suka Deva continued.

There was King named Bhishmaka, the powerful ruler of Vidharbha, who has five sons and one daughter. Rukmi was the first born, followed by Rukmaratha, Rukmabahu, Rukmakesa and Rukmamali. Their sister is Rukmini a saintly person. Hearing about the beauty power and character of Krishna, whose glories were sung by people who came to their kingdom, Rukmini thought him to be suitable husband. Knowing her beauty, magnanimity, proper behavior, and other personal qualities Lord Krishna also made up his mind that he wanted her as his wife.

Even as the family members were desiring to give her to Krishna, Rukmi the eldest son of the King, being hateful of Krishna forbade them. And instead considered Sisupala, the king of Chedi for marriage with Rukmini and convinced his old father. Knowing the events happening, the princess after thinking vey long sent a reliable Brahman to Krishna on a mission to convey her message. On his arrival at Dwaraka, the Brahman was brought in to meet Lord Krishna sitting on his throne. Seeing the Brahman, Lord came down and seated the Brahman. After the Brahman had eaten and rested, while massaging his legs, Lord Krishna gently asked him about the purpose of his visit.

“Oh Brahman are your religious practices proceeding without difficulty? When a Brahman is satisfied, his religious principles become the desired cow. I bow to all Brahmans. Saintly, peaceful and without pride they are the best well wishers of all living beings. O Brahman is your king attending to your needs. Where have you come from, crossing the difficult sea, and for what purpose? Please tell everything to us. Tell us what we can do for you.”

Thus asked, the Brahman told the Lord everything. And then he gave the message of Rukmini.

“Oh Handsome man! Hearing about your qualities, which are indeed good to hear, and which having entered the ears they remove the bodily distress, hearing about your form presents a sense of sight to those who have eyes, indeed I have fixed my shameless mind upon you.

O Lord! who indeed can equal you in terms of family background, character , beauty, knowledge , youth and property . Knowing that which aristocratic sober minded marriageable girl would not choose you as her husband?

Therefore My Lord I have chosen you as my husband. O Omnipotent one, please accept me. I belong to you and no one else. Sisupala, the King of Chedi shall not touch the hero's portion. That would be like a jackal stealing the portion of the lion! “.

“And If I have sufficiently worshipped the supreme one by pious works then Lord Krishna shall come and take my hand and nobody else “.

“O Unconquerable one! Come at the time of my marriage ceremony unseen with your army and the generals. Crushing the Kings of Magadha and Chedi, marry me in Rakshasa style winning me with you valor. Since I am within the inner spaces of the Royal palaces, if you are thinking how you will carry me away without killing my relatives - I shall explain. The day before there is a ceremonial procession for the family Deity, Goddess Girija outside the palaces. The new bride will be present in that procession. O Lord if I cannot obtain your mercy, I shall simply give up my life. Then I may obtain your mercy only after hundreds of lifetimes “

The Brahman said “Oh Lord, this is the confidential message brought by me. Considering what is to be done in this matter, please do without losing any time “.



The Brahman said these are confidential messages brought by me. Considering what is to be done in this matter, please do.