Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 55

Story of Pradyumna

Kama Deva who is part of Vasudeva was once turned to ashes by Lord Siva. In order to obtain a new body he approached the Lord again


Story of Pradyumna

Suka Deva continued

Kama Deva, who is part of Supreme Lord, was once turned to ashes by Lord Siva. In order to obtain a new body he approached the Lord again. Then with his benediction, he took birth as the son of Rukmini and Lord Krishna under the name of Pradyumna. In all respects he was equal to his father.

A demon by name Sambara, knowing the child to be his enemy, kidnapped the child even before he was ten days old. He threw him into the sea and returned to his home. A powerful fish swallowed the child Pradyumna. The powerful fish was caught by the fisherman along with others. The fishermen presented the special fish to the same demon Sambara. The cooks took it to cut up with a knife and found the child in its belly .They gave the child Pradyumna to Mayavati who was astonished by the sight of the child coming out of the belly of the fish.

Then Narad appeared and told the entire story of Pradyumna to Mayavati. Mayavathi is none other than Rathi who was waiting for the Kamadeva turned into ashes by the anger of Lord Siva. Instructed by Narad, Mayavathi understood the child to be none other than Kamadeva her husband. And she began to feel love for him.

O King! , in due course this son of Krishna, Pradyumna became a youth, and enchanted all women who looked at him. Mayavathi, who is none other than Rathi too approached the youth with conjugal attraction.

Pradyumna addressed Mayavati, “O mother your attitude is other than that of a mother. You are acting like a girl friend ‘.

Rati said,” O Master, you are the son of Narayana, kidnapped by Sambara from your home. You were the Kamadeva, and I am Rati, your legitimate wife. When you are not yet ten days old, the demon Sambara threw you into the sea, and a big fish devoured you. We recovered you in this very place. Please Kill Sambara who is difficult to approach and difficult to conquer. He knows hundreds of magic spells, defeat him with Maya “. Speaking thus, Rathi gave Pradyumna the mystic knowledge of Mahamaya.

Pradyumna then approached Sambara to call him battle with intolerable insults. Agitated Sambara became angry and came to battle Pradyumna. As they battled, Pradyumna harassed by the rain of weapons from Sambara used the mystic power Mahamaya, which he obtained from Rathi. Sambara came up with his own mystic weapons, but none could stand the power of Mahamaya. Then Pradyumna drawing his sword cut off Sambara's head. As residents of heaven showered flowers, Rathi transported Pradyumna through the skies to Dwaraka, the home of Pradyumna.

Pradyumna with his wife resembled a black cloud with lightning. As they landed in Dwaraka, people mistook Pradyumna to Lord Krishna himself because of the strong resemblance of the son to the father. Seeing Pradyumna, Queen Rukmini remembered her long lost son. She wondered, “Who is this jewel among men? Who is his father? Which woman carried him in her womb? Moreover who is this woman with him? My lost son if he were living somewhere will be of same age and appearance. How is it that he has the same appearance as Krishna in bodily form limbs, gait and smile? He must be for certain my son, for I feel great affection and even my left shoulder is quivering portending auspicious events! “

As Rukmini conjectured, Lord Krishna came there along with mother Devaki and father Vasudeva.

Narad also came at that time

Although Lord Krishna knew everything, he let Sage Narad explain. Narad recounted the kidnapping by Sambara and the subsequent events including killing of Sambara. Hearing the events as told by Narad, Rukmini, Lord Krishna, mother Devaki and father Vasudeva all embraced the young couple and welcomed them.

The women of the palace rejoiced hearing the story of the long lost son. The residents of Dwaraka declared the child coming back as favor of providence.


The lost Pradyumna has returned. Hearing that the residents of Dwaraka said “this child, by the favor of providence, has returned from death “