Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 58

Krishna Marries Five Princesses

Once the Lord to see the Pandavas went to Indraprastha accompanied by Yuyudhana and others.


Krishna marries Five Princesses

Suka Deva continued

Once the Lord went to see the Pandavas at Indraprastha accompanied by Yuyudhana and others.

When Pandavas saw that Krishna has arrived, all of them out of respect stood up at once. Krishna paid obeisance to the two elder brothers Dharmaraja and Bhim and embraced Arjun who is of his own age. The two younger brothers prostrated before Krishna who gave his blessings. Krishna then received the obeisance of Draupadi, the newly married wife of the five Pandavas. Pandavas also honored Satyaki who accompanied Krishna.

Krishna then went and met his aunt Kunti, who also embraced him with great affection with tears in her eyes. Asked about well being of her sons , with choking and emotional voice Kunti said ,” O Krishna , at that time when you sent Akrura to visit Hastinapura and enquire about the well being of Pandavas then itself their welfare is assured . For you there is no difference between “you “and “us”. Yet even so residing in the hearts of all, you eradicate the sufferings of those who remember you constantly “.

King Yudhistira added, “O Krishna, I don't know what pious deeds we have done, that we have this benefit of seeing you often”. Krishna stayed with Pandavas for the period of the rainy season, spending time with Arjun. One day both Arjun and Krishna went on chariot to hunt in the nearby forests accompanied by an army. They killed several animals which have been sent to the King. They then went to river Yamuna; they quenched their thirst and were walking on the banks of river Yamuna. There they saw a very pretty girl walking by. Curious to know more about her Krishna sent Arjun. Arjun approached her and asked her. “O young lady, who are you, whose daughter are you? Where do you come from? And what are you doing here? I think you must be looking for a husband. Please tell me “.

She replied, “I am the daughter of Sun God. My name is Kalindi. I desire to have Lord Vishnu as my husband and no one else. I am known as Kalindi and I live in a mansion built my father in the waters of Yamuna “.

Arjun repeated all this to Krishna, who then accepted her and took her in his chariot and went back to Indraprastha.

Krishna stayed there for some more time, during which period, Krishna wanted to offer Khandava forest to Agni. Krishna became the charioteer for Arjun, while Arjun went about offering Khandava forest to Agni. Agni presented a bow Gandiva and two quivers of inexhaustible arrows. During this fire, Arjun also rescued a demon named Maya who later on built a special assembly hall known as “Mayasabha” which created illusions galore.

The Lord Krishna returned to Dwaraka with Satyaki and other followers and also Kalindi. And on an auspicious day Lord Krishna married Kalindi, bringing pleasure to all his devotees.

Suka Deva continued

The Kings of Avanti, Vindya and Anuvindya, being closely allied to Duryodhan did not like their sister, Mitravinda to choose Krishna in Svayamvar, a ceremony of choosing her own husband. Then Lord Krishna, who is very much devoted to his devotees, forcibly took away Mitravinda before the eyes of the rival kings. Then he married her according to Vedic rites.

The King of Kausala, Nagnajit had a lovely daughter also called Nagnajiti. The Kings who came as suitors could not marry her because they could not subdue the seven Bulls. When Lord Krishna heard about the Princess, he went to the Capital of Kausala with large Army. When Krishna arrived the King received him with all honors. The princess too desired to have Krishna as her husband and prayed,” Goddess Lakshmi, even the Lord Siva and Lord Brahma and rulers of various planets place the dust of his Lotus feet on their head. To protect Dharma in the creation which he has created he assumes human form at various forms. How can that Lord be pleased with me? O Narayana, Lord of the universe, you are full in your own creation what can I do to please you?”

Lord Krishna too after receiving the honors of the king spoke to the King, “O ruler of Men, learned people condemn begging as an unacceptable form for Royal order even so desirous of your friendship, I ask you for your daughter. We offer no gifts. “

King said “my Lord who other than you could be a better for my daughter. But with a desire to find a proper husband we had earlier set a condition to test the prowess of the suitor. These seven bulls are impossible to tame and they have broken the limbs of many a king .The suitor needs to tame them “

Having heard the condition, Lord took upon the bulls, by expanding himself to seven forms to fight the seven bulls simultaneously. Lord Krishna easily tied up the bulls as if it is a child's play. When the other suitors who failed heard about this, they came to fight Krishna, Krishna defeated them all too.

The King Nagnajit, very much pleased offered his daughter Nagnajiti in marriage to Lord Krishna.

Bhadra was princess of Kaikeya kingdom and daughter of Lord Krishna's paternal aunt Srutakirti. The Lord married Bhadra when her brothers offered her in marriage to him.

Then Lord married Lakshmana, the daughter of King Madra. Krishna alone appeared at her Svayamvar and took her away.

Thus Krishna married the five princesses Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, and Lakshmana.


Krishna acquired thousands of wives like these, when he defeated Bhauma and freed the beautiful maidens the demon was holding captive.