Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 59

Slaying of Narakasura

"How was Bhaumasura, who kidnapped many women, killed by Bhagavan? Please narrate the adventures of the Lord Saarngadhanvah".


Killing of Naraka, the demon.
Book 10, Chapter 59

King Parikshit asked the Suka Deva ,"O Brahman How was Bhaumasura, the son of Bhumi the earth, who kidnapped many women, killed by Bhagavan? Please narrate the adventure of the Lord Krishna".

Suka Deva Continued. 'O King, once Indra suffered the theft of the Umbrella, theft of ear rings of his mother Aditi, and the theft of the special location on the Mountain Meru all because of Bhaumasura. Informed by Indra about the activities of Bhaumasura, Lord Krishna left with his wife Satyabhama on the Garuda'.

'Riding on the giant bird Garuda, Krishna reached Pragjyotishapura, the capital of Bhaumasura within no time. The city is surrounded by mountains. It is fortified by various weapons including water surrounding the same, wind and fire and the fence created by the demon Mura. Lord Krishna smashed the external fortifications of mountains with his mace, weapon fortifications with his arrows, fortifications of water, air and fire with his disc, and the fence created by Mura with his sword'.

'Blowing his Conch, Panchajanyam, he sent resounding vibrations which broke the courage of the warriors and the mystic formulations. The five headed demon sleeping in the waters surrounding the fort also woke up with the resounding vibrations of Panchajanyam. Mura wearing his most terrifying forms as if to swallow the three worlds, attacked Garuda. Twirling his trident Mura threw the same violently at Garuda. Then the Lord with two arrows cut the trident into three pieces. And attacked Mura with more arrows. Mura threw his mace at the Lord; Lord again broke the mace with his arrows. Then Mura rose up ferociously and tried to attack the Lord with his arms. Lord Krishna using his disc cut off his head'.

'As Mura's body fell into the waters surrounding the fort, his seven sons prepared to retaliate. Ordered by Bhaumasura the seven sons Tamra Antariksha, Sravanah, Vibhavasu, , Vasu , Nabhaswan, and Pitha attacked the Lord with arrows, swords, maces, spears, trident etc. But the Supreme Lord cut off all those arms with his arrows. Then he dispatched all of them to the abode of Yama by killing all of them'.

'Unable to contain his fury at the loss of his military generals Narakasura , then came out to attack Lord Krishna with an army of elephants. Lord Gada the younger brother of Krishna attacked all elephants and Krishna attacked all solders leaving the battle field resembling a mass of bodies left in a heap. Garuda also attacked the elephants from the air. Seeing his army being defeated the Narakasura attacked Garuda with the spear, but Garuda was not to be deterred. Frustrated in all his attempts Bhaumasura took up a spear to kill Lord Krishna. Lord cut off his spear and soon cut Narakasura's head with his arrows. As Naraka's head fell, the Devas rejoiced while the friends of Narakasura went into a sea of sorrow'.

'Then the earth deity appeared before the Lord to pay her obeisance with both palms joined and with great devotion spoke. "Obeisance to the Lord, nay the Lord of all Lords. Obeisance the lord who resembles a Lotus, obeisance to the Lord who wears a lotus garland. Obeisance to lord whose eyes resemble the Lotus and Obeisance to the Lord whose feet are decorated with Lotus and are known as Lotus feet. Obeisance to son of Vasudeva, obeisance to Lord Vishnu the original being. Obeisance to the one full of Knowledge. Obeisance to you who are the soul of every being , soul of the low , soul of the high, soul of the supreme being too" .

"Oh Lord ! Desiring to create you assume the mode of passion, desiring to annihilate you assume the mode of ignorance, desiring to maintain you assume the mode of goodness. Myself , the fire, the water , the wind , and the these are not independent of you . The gods, the mind, the senses, the energy of everything moving and none moving is all part of you ".

"Oh Lord here is the son of Bhaumasura. Frightened he is approaching your Lotus feet for shelter. You remove distress of all those who seek your shelter. Please protect him by placing your lotus hand which dispels all sins on his head." Thus pleaded to by Bhumi in a very humble manner, the Supreme Lord granted fearlessness to the son of Narakasura'.

'He then entered the palaces of Narakasura abounding in riches. There he saw sixteen thousand maidens of Royal lineage, whom Narakasura captured by force from various Kings. Seeing him enter even the maidens was enchanted and in an instant each maiden chose him as her husband in her own mind. With the thought that the providence grants the boon to make him her husband every one of them was absorbed in the contemplation of Lord Krishna. The Lord presented them all new garments and sent all of them to Dwaraka, accompanied by chariots elephants and soldiers'.

'The Lord Krishna then went to Indra's abode to return the lost earrings of his mother Aditi. Indra and all Devas too worshipped the Lord along with Satyabhama.
Very much enchanted by the Parijata tree in the heavens, Satyabhama requested Lord to take the same to Dwaraka. Krishna uprooted the Parijata tree to transport the same to Dwaraka. Objected to by Indra, Lord had to defeat him to take the Parijata tree. Indeed having propitiated the Supreme Lord for his shelter, the Devas were ready to fight the Lord as soon as they were seemingly free of distress and got back into their modes of wealth. Damnation indeed on their wealth and wealth anywhere'.

'Then Lord Krishna returned to Dwaraka and married the entire sixteen thousand princesses at the same time appearing in each of their residences assuming a separate form for each of the brides. Indeed that woman obtained as their husband the one who is not easily approached by even Gods. Although each one had hundreds of maids, they themselves would attend to the needs of the Supreme Lord. Such indeed is the love and devotion of all those attached to the Supreme Lord'.


'on an auspicious time Bhagavan assuming many forms duly married all the princesses simultaneously each in her own residence'.