Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 63

Battle of Lord Krishna and Lord Siva

Not seeing Aniruddha return, his relatives continued to lament as four months of rainy season passed


Battle Lord Krishna and Lord Siva

Suka Deva Continued

Not seeing Aniruddha and not knowing the where he is , his relatives continued to lament as four months of rainy season passed. Then Narad appeared to tell the Vrishnis the news of Aniruddha having been captured by Bana in Sonitapura.

Then Vrishnis immediately left for Sonitapura with twelve Akshahaunis of army. Led by Balaram, Krishna, Pradyumna, Satyaki, Gada, Samba, Sarana, Nanda, Upananda, Bhadra and others, they laid seize to the Banasura's capital Sonitapura, surrounding it from all sides . As the attacking armies destroyed the cities watch towers, the boundary walls, and the gardens, Bana himself led an army of equal size to confront the Vrishnis. As per his benediction Lord Rudra riding on Nandi came to support Bana along with his son Kartikeya and others who always attend to Lord Siva.

Lord Rudra carried the battle to Krishna. Then a very astonishing and tumultuous battle commenced between Lord Krishna and Lord Siva. Pradyumna took on Kartikeya. As the battles escalated Balaram fought with Kumbhandha and Kupakarna, Satyaki with Bana, Samba with Bana's son. Brahma and all the Devas came to watch this epic battle between the Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva.

Lord Krishna drove away, Bhutas, Pramathas, Guhyakas, Dakinis, Yatudhanas, Vetalas, Vinayakas, Pretas, Pisachas, Kusumadas, and Brahma Rakshasas. All of them are followers of Lord Siva.

Lord Siva fired several weapons at Krishna. But Krishna was able to neutralize all of them. Counteracting a Brahmaastra with Brahmastra, fire with water, wind with mountains, Siva's own Pasupatastra with Krishna's own Narayanastra, Krishna had an answer for all of Sivas arms. Finally Krishna released a sleep inducing Jrumbhanastra, Virtually making Siva fall asleep. Krishna then took on Bana's army and destroyed it completely. Lord Kartikeya too retired from the fierce battle with Pradyumna. Lord Balaram killed Kumbhanda and Kupakarna. Seeing his army being destroyed Bana left his battle with Satyaki and turned on Lord Krishna. Banasura using all his thousand arms with five hundred bows rained arrows on Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna broke each and every one of his bows, broke his chariot and horses and then sounded his Panchajanya. Then Bana's mother Kotara desiring to protect Bana appeared before Lord Krishna. As Lord Krishna turned his face away from the lady, who appeared nude, Bana escaped to the city.

As Lord Siva's followers fled from the battle, the spirit of Siva appeared to take on Krishna. Seeing the three headed and three footed spirit of Siva spewing fire in all directions, Krishna too released his own spirit, the spirit of Vishnu, to counter the spirit of Lord Siva. As the Spirit of Vishnu over powered the spirit of Siva, the spirit of Siva cried out.

“Obeisance to you, the spirit of unlimited potential. You are the cause of all creation, maintenance and dissolution. You are the truth Vedas refer to. You are the Time, the Fate, the Karma, and the Being. You are also the material body, the life giving air, the soul, and all the senses all of which constitute your Maya. I take shelter of you.”

“With various goals you perform actions to protect the Devas, the Saintly persons and the Dharma. You punish all those who stray beyond the path. Your present incarnation is to relieve the burden of the earth. Oh Lord I take shelter of you.”

Supreme Lord said, “Oh Three headed one I am pleased with you. May your fear of my spirit go away? Anybody who remembers our conversation will also have no fear of you".

With these words, released by Lord himself, the Sivas spirit went away.

But Banasura again appeared to continue the fight with Lord Krishna.

As he started again showering arrows with his thousand arms, Lord Krishna started cutting off his arms systematically as if they were branches of a huge tree. Seeing the plight of his devotee and out of compassion Lord Siva approached Lord Krishna. “Oh Lord without doubt you are our most dear Lord. I, Lord Brahma and all Devas have all surrendered whole heartedly to you. This Banasura is my devotee. I have granted him freedom from fear. Therefore my Lord please grants him your mercy too, like you have granted to Prahlada.”

Lord Krishna replied, “O Lord Siva, we should do what is gratifying to you. I agree with whatever has been determined by you. I will not kill Bana for I gave a benediction to Prahlada that I will not kill his descendants. I have only severed Bana's arms to subdue his pride. His military force has been destroyed because it has becomes burden to the earth. Bana with four arms will be immortal as your associate “.

Banasura too attaining freedom from fear, offered obeisance to the Lord by bowing down his head. Then he brought Aniruddha and his daughter Usha seated on a chariot to the Lord. Keeping the Aniruddha and his bride Usha at the head of the party, the Yadava group moved back to Dwaraka. Lord Krishna took leave of Lord Siva and then departed. Krishna then entered Dwaraka to a tumultuous welcome as always amid singing dancing and festivities of success.

Suka Deva continued saying , “ O King who ever rise early in the morning and remembers Lord Krishna's victory over Lord Siva will never experience defeat “


Who ever rise early in the morning and remembers Lord Krishna's victory over Lord Siva will never experience defeat.