Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 68

Story of Samba


O King Duryodhana's daughter Lakshmana was taken away by the ever victorious son of Jambavati, from her Swayamvarceremony


Story of Samba

Suka Deva continued

O King! Once Duryodhana's daughter Lakshmana was taken away by the ever victorious son of Jambavati, from her Swayamvarceremony.

This angered Kauravas , who felt that Samba behaved improperly by carrying away by force the unmarried daughter against her will .They said , “ Arrest this ill behaved one , what will Vrishnis do ? Having heard that their son has been captured they will come here, their pride will be satisfied and they will come to their senses.” Having decided accordingly with the approval of the eldest of the Kauravas, the Kauravas consisting of Karna, Sala, Bhuri, Yagnaketu, Suyodhana, set out to capture Samba.

Seeing the Kauravas rushing at him, the valiant Samba took up his bow stood his ground to fight them. Using his admirable capability he simultaneously killed the horses of the Kaurava King's and smashed their chariots with his arrows. Even the Kauravas were wonder struck. Quickly regrouping them simultaneously attacked with four of them killing the four horses, one of them smashing his chariot, and one smashing his bow. Finally all six of them overpowered the valiant son of Lord Krishna and captured him. They returned victorious to their Kingdom with Princess Lakshmana and Samba.

The Yadavas heard the news through the Sage Narad and were infuriated. Then with the urging of King Ugrasena the Yadavas made preparations for the war with Kauravas.

Lord Balaram, however did not approve of the war and personally led a group of elders and pious Brahmans to Kaurava capital on a mission of peace. Balaram halted outside the city of Hastinapura in garden and sent Uddhava to find out about the intentions of Kauravas. Uddhava went to the Kings chambers offering his respects to all elders King Dhritarashtra, Bhishma, Drona, Bahlika and Duryodhana informed them that Lord Balaram has arrived. The Kauravas were also extremely pleased that Lord Balaram arrived. They first honored Uddhava for bringing the news and then they went forward to meet Balaram. They approached Lord Balaram, honoring him with worship presented him the gifts. After the initial welcome enquiries, Balaram addressed the Kauravas.

Balaram addressed them with an authority.

“King Ugrasena is our Master and the ruler of the Kings. Please listen with undivided attention what our master has demanded and do accordingly. All of you being many attacked a single warrior which is against principles of war. I am tolerating this with the desire of for Unity among relatives. You are to release him immediately. “

Hearing this, Kauravas became furious and retorted, “This is a great wonder. With passage of time it seems that a mere shoe aspires to climb on the head that wears a crown. Because of the marital relationships with Vrishnis, we shared our comforts. They have been brought to be our equals. We gave them the Royal crown. They have been able to use the royal paraphernalia because of our grace. Enough is enough. Yadus should not be allowed to use these symbols, as they cause troubles to those who gave them. Indeed it is like milk fed to the poisonous snakes. Prospering at our cost. , they are now challenging us.”

Having spoken harshly they left Balaram and went back to their city.

Balaram was saddened. He was angry with the Kauravas, and he repeatedly laughed at the audacity of the Kauravas. He said,” Puffed up by various passions, these Kauravas do not desire peace. Scoundrels indeed! They need punishment much like the animals which only understand the stick. Gradually I was able to calm Yadus boiling with rage. Having calmed them I came here for peace. This dull and wicked Kauravas addicted to quarrel have spoken repeatedly with harsh words. King Ugrasena, the Lord of Bhojas, Vrishnis and Andhakas not fit to command, when Indra and other planetary rulers obey his command? The Krishna who sits in Sudharma assembly hall is not fit for royal throne? And does not deserve the Royal emblems? And we enjoy a small Kingdom allowed to us by the Kurus? We are the shoes and the Kurus are the head? Just see how arrogant these people have become.Today I shall rid the earth of these Kauravas. “

Having said this, Balaram used his plough to dig up Hastinapura and lower it into Ganges. Seeing their city falling into Ganges the people of Hastinapura were terrified. To save themselves they approached the Lord. Placing Samba and Lakshmana in the front with palms joined in supplication they pleaded.

“Oh Rama Rama, You are the foundation of everything. We do not know your power. We were foolish and misguided. You alone are the cause of creation, maintenance and destruction in this world. It is said the world is plaything in your hands. You alone carry this earth on your head. Your anger is for teaching everyone and not out of hatred or envy. You anger is in effect for maintaining the good in this world. Obeisance to you, who are part of every being .You are the one who carries the power of every being. Please protect us”.

Thus propitiated by Kurus, whose city was threatened Balaram came back to his calm mode. He told Kurus not to be afraid and restored the city.

Duryodhana too made amends.

With a father's affection, he gave as dowry twelve hundred Elephants, one hundred and twenty thousand horses, six thousand Golden chariots, one thousand maids. Accepting all the gifts, the Yadava Lord departed for Dwaraka with Samba and Lakshmana. After returning to Dwaraka he reported everything to the King and the assembly.

Oh King! , even today the city of Hastinapura visibly elevated on the southern side shows the signs of the prowess of Balaram


Even today the city of Hastinapura visibly elevated on the southern side shows signs of the prowess of Balaram