Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 69

Narad Visits Krishna


Hearing that Naraka has been killed and also that one Lord Krishna married many, indeed Narad wanted to see for himself.


Narad Visits Krishna

Suka Deva continued

Hearing that Naraka has been killed and also that Lord Krishna married as many as sixteen thousand ladies freed from that war at the same time, Narad wanted to see for himself how Krishna is managing life as a house holder.

That one man married sixteen thousand women simultaneously at one time in each of their residences seemed wonderful and incredible at the same time. So eager to see, Narad came to Dwaraka.

To Narad Dwaraka seemed to be a city of auspicious sounds, a city of auspicious activities, a city of joy and beauty. The gardens and parks of Dwaraka were buzzing with sounds of swarming bees and flocks of birds. The city was full of lakes with variety of lotuses and water lilies. The lakes were also full of Swans too. City was filled with nine hundred thousand palaces adorned with silver crystals and emeralds and even had furnishings decorated with gold and jewelry. City had wide main avenues, cross streets, and parallel roads. City had market places, temples and assembly halls, all of them busy and all of them full of activity

Narad now entered one of the more than sixteen thousand palaces housing the wives of Lord Krishna.

There Narad saw Krishna's beloved wife Rukmini fanning him with love and devotion. She was accompanied by hundreds of maids who were also well dressed. Seeing Narad enter Krishna got up at once and received him with full honors. He washed his feet with water and sprinkled the water in his head. This is done by the Lord whose feet are worshipped by all and water flowing through his feet purifies the whole world and every being. Krishna worshipped Narad as laiddown in the scriptures and welcomed him saying,”O Great one how we may be of service to you “.

Narad already overwhelmed said ,” Oh Lord it is not at all surprising , Oh ruler of all worlds ,You show friendship to all people , and subdue the envious . You maintain and protect the universe proving highest benefit. Now I have seen your feet, the source of liberation for all your devotees, which even Lord Brahma and other meditate upon in their hearts. I have seen your feet which all those lost in the well of family life pray as the only resort to cross the ocean of life. Oh Lord give the power to constantly think about only you in my travels.”

Narad then entered another Palace of a wife of Lord Krishna.

There he saw the Lord playing dice with his beloved consort and his friend Uddhava, As soon as he entered; Krishna got up welcomed him by worshiping him. Then offered him a seat. Then asked him as if he did not know, “when did you arrive? What can we do for persons who are full in themselves? Please tell us. In any case please make our life auspicious”. Thus addressed Narad was astonished. He stood up silently and left.

The he entered one other palace of Krishna's wives. There he saw Krishna fondling an infant child.

From there he entered another palace and he saw Krishna getting ready for taking bath.

In one place he saw him offering sacrificial oblations. At another place he saw him feeding Brahmans. Yet at another place he saw him doing Gayatri. Elsewhere he saw him practice sword warfare. In one place he was riding horses and elephants. And in another he was resting on his bed with one of his beloved fanning him. At one place he was gifting cows to Brahmans.

At one place he was enjoying the company of his wife sharing jokes. At another place he was discussing economic activity. And yet at another place he was engaged in performing ritualistic karma in accordance with Vedas.

At one place he was planning battles. At another place he was counseling peace and yet at another place he was with Lord Balaram.

At one place he was sending off his children. At another place he was receiving his children.

At one place he was out for hunting. At another place he was fulfilling religious obligations. At one place Krishna was moving about in disguise among the homes of his ministers and other citizens to understand what they were thinking.

Thus Narad saw in every palace Krishna performing many activities in his personal form executing activities people engaged in house hold activities are supposed to carry on. Having repeatedly seen the mystic display of Lord Krishna sage Narad was amazed and filled with wonder

Having seen all this. Narad addressed the Lord, who was adopting human behavior.

“Now we understand your maya, which is difficult to comprehend even for great mystics. Only by serving your Lotus feet I have been able to perceive your powers. O Lord gives me leave. I will wander about in the three worlds loudly singing your pastimes and your glories.”

Supreme personality, the Lord said,” I am the speaker of Dharma, I am the doer, and I am also the one who sanctions. I observe dharma to teach the world. O son do not be disturbed “.

Thus Krishna showed the importance of the pursuit of Dharma, Artha, and Kama for achieving Moksha. Thoroughly pleased and honored Narad went away always remembering Him.

Oh King In this way the Lord imitated the ways of ordinary people.


Thus Krishna showed the importance of the pursuit of Dharma, Artha ,Kama ,thoroughly pleased and honored he went always remembering Him